Thursday, July 30, 2009

Right to Know and Right to Decide

Was a quiet and peaceful awakening this morning, did feel the pain again as soon as I was conscious like I do every morning.

Tried my best to minimize the noise I made as I did not want to wake Richie up, but he heard me right away.

Hard to minimize sounds of pain because all the pain comes back immediately when you become aware and that is what greets you each morning.

It was difficult to completely suppress and did my best but even so Richie heard me.

He was up right away and fetched me some THC which relaxes me and relieves the pain so

that I could do my arm exercises.

Richie gave me THC in the breaks during the exercises and when I was finished I felt relaxed.

I was ready for the leg exercises, done by Richie followed by leg massage.

And then baclofen tablets and drink water and I was ready to meet the world
via my laptop.

I just heard a program on BBC radio about Motor Neuron / ALS it seems that an ad is not being shown on the BBC Television as the images were too shocking.

Find it very strange that the truth is distorted find this more shocking than the pictures.

The images were about what life is like for a young woman with MND / ALS and it is not nice but it's the truth.

It is unfortunate that people do not get to see the truth or hear that someone else has decided for them because they know better.

It is very inhumane thing to deny people the truth and I am shocked about this decision.

The other item that I had heard, which also shocked me was about Euthanasia in England.

The Parliament, The House of Lords has again refused to give people the right to decide when they want to end their lives.

A woman Baroness Campbell has stopped the law being passed, she is disabled and is in a wheelchair, and she does not want to be euthanized and does not want anyone else to have that right either.,_Baroness_Campbell_of_Surbiton

Baroness Campbell said that if the law permits disabled people to choose when they could die, that doctors would coerce them into having euthanasia.

'' that suicide reform would lead to state-assisted dying: to a situation in which doctors would encourage people with disabilities to end their lives''

This really is pure nonsense as if doctors would convince people to ask for euthanasia, I never heard such nonsense.

But that is how a debate is killed by making it very emotional and personal which makes discussion impossible and there is no argument against it.

Any argument is seen as an attack, and that's no discussion on the contrary it is a kind of emotional blackmail.

Baroness Campbell has a privileged position compared with other disabled people, it is a pity

that she and her supporters do not want to see that the right to self determination is not a signal for all disabled people to be euthanized.

That is how this debate is conducted in England, and that's no real discussion so it seems that there is no hope at present for this new law to be passed.

And they will carry on doing euthanasia by the back door by increasing doses of morphine until you are in a coma; the other way is stopping feeding.

Both inhumane ways to end someone's life but that is apparently better that allowing people the dignity of deciding for themselves and being able to go surrounded by family and friends.


JC said...

I'm having coffee while the fan blows on me. We're in a heat wave like I've never seen before.

I'm all for the right but I'm sure some would abuse it. In my state, they did pass a law where if you get ... I think 2 Dr's to say ok ... that you can do it.

Most other states don't have this law but I'm in WA which is a very progressive place to be.

Hope you have a Peaceful Day

awb said...

Here in the US, starving to death is about the only option, not very appealing way to go, and not an option for everyone.


Herrad said...

Hi JC,
Glad you live in a progressive part of the country.
I am having a quiet day, hope yours is good.

Hi Andy,
How horrible, that is not an option, an option would be self determination.
Shame that countrywide people do not have the same rights as people in Washington.

It is horrible that doing it via the backdoor is ok but not if it is done openly and honestly.
And hate the scaremongering that doctors would be forcing people to request euthanasia.
Prefer the truth and being allowed the right to think and make up my own mind.

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.
Have a good afternoon/evening.

Kimberly said...

I've always believed that when it comes to end of life issues we are far more humaine to our animals than we are to those suffering terribly and WANTING to end their lives. Sad.

Libby said...

herrad, i HATE the way euthanasia is talked about here in the us! people against it talk about it like if it's allowed, dr's will be sneaking into our houses & doing this while we're asleep, unbeknownst to us! no, we want to be able to decide for ourselves!! why are we considered too stupid to be able to decide if our life is too painful?? grrrrrrrrrrr!~!!

steve said...

I don't think the fear is so much that rogue doctors will be killing the mentally competent. It's more that:

* common religious beliefs dictate that the time and place of our passing is not up to us
* rogue doctors and ill-intentioned families may take advantage of mentally incompetent people

Suicide is a dirty word in both religious and mental health contexts. It's seen as a permanent solution to temporary problems.

We have to make the case the mentally competent people with irreversible health issues and no religious reservations have the right to decide when to give up the daily struggle to live.

Rae said...

Hi Herrad,
Just dropping in to say hello. The photos you posted are inspirational. It goes to show that hadicaps are only a thing of the mind -nothing is impossible. Amazing people.

Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,
I agree with you that we treat animals better.
That is really sad.

Hi Libby,
Totally agree we want to decide for ourselves.

Thanks for coming by, hope you have had a pleasant day and Friday will be a good day.

Richie said...

Just to point out the MN add was not on BBC but commercial television in Britain.
As you know I also heard the good Baroness on the radio. I will comment on her when I can use more reasonable language. I think she is absolutely selfish.
Any way I'll keep the tlc and thc flowing
love you

Herrad said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your visit and comment, never thought of asking the doctor to end the pain as suicide but guess you are right the religious see it like that.
It amazes me how much power religion has in secular life.
The Queen of England is also god's representative on earth.

Hi Rae,
Glad you liked the pictures.
Being handicapped was a huge blow to my self image and my self worth.

Thanks for coming by, have a good day tomorrow.

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,

Thanks for the info on the TV station, presume it was on ITV then.

You are right the Bareoness is selfish.

She is also stiffling debate by scaring people with stories of doctors killing people.

Love you,

robert said...

Good morning Herrad,
hope you are doing fine. Entered the new house.
Guess it is one of the main points of being human, that they are able to know and to decide - anythink against it, would make it, in my opinion, non-human.
Interesting question, on how things are here in Greece, will check that as soon as possible.
Wish you a nice Friday.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
How is the new house?
Been curious how the move was going, really like the idea of a lemon tree.
Also curious about the situation in Greece regarding euthanasia.
Have a good Friday.

Celeste Maia said...

In Spain they may end up passing a law to give us the right to decide. The big obstacle is of course the catholic church which is very powerful, but less so.
I totally agree with what Kimberly wrote, she is so right.
I hope you are having a nice day. The photos you posted are amazing.

Herrad said...

Hi Celeste Maia,
Lovely to hear from you how is your walking trip going, hope you are enjoying yourself.
I am very curious about Spain passing a law to give people trhe right to self determination.
Think they may very well do it.
Which would be brilliant.
Have a good day.