Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good News.

Claude Monet.

Just got the call we have been waiting for a month now, finally I have an appointment for Thursday 29 October at 3 pm.

Everyone who was here for the first appointment on 17 September will be here again then, Michelle, Harm from Welzorg, Elwin, from Summit, Ludwine and of course Richie and I.

The newly made seat and back rest will be attached to my chair and I will be sat in it so Elwin can adjust it if that is needed.

Ludwine, the ergo therapist from the RCA (Rehabilitation Clinic Amsterdam) will be here to check everything that Elwin does and to make sure that my posture is correct and the seat provides me with the support that I need.

I will then keep the chair so that I have the opportunity to use it, to test drive it for awhile, then Elwin and Ludwine will be around again to check if there are any issues, anything that needs adjusting.

Really hoping that all goes well and that it will be enough time for me to get used to sitting for long enough by the time 21 November comes so that I can go to the Punk gig and see Peter and The Test Tube Babies.

Have to be able to sit for at least three hours by then without any red marks appearing on my bum.

We know that 45 minutes had no effect, so here is hoping that 3 hours sitting is possible by the 21st November.

Really hoping we can still go to the gig.

Yippee the sun is shining and when the clouds go by there are the blue skies again.

What a wonderful phone call that was from Michelle just now.

Happy Days are really here again and now I am looking forward to going out in November.


cecile said...

yyyyyyyiiiiiihhhhhhooooooooooo!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

"Happy days are here again!" Wonderful news Herrad!!! I'm so happy for you, so they were only caught in red tape for an extra few weeks, that's actually amazing for any bureaucracy, lol! Oh gosh, this is great, you'll be out and about before you know it! Yippee!

steve said...

Wonderful, Wonderful!

Herrad said...

Hi Cecile,
Just how I feel yippppppppeeee.

Hi Rain,
Finally good news about the w/chair adaptation.
It is amazing for burocrats to move so fast.

Hi Steve,
It is wonderful, we both can hardly believe it ourselves.

Thanks for coming by and sharing this good moment.
Amazing that suddenly it is all agreed and will be ready to fit to my w/chair on the 29 October.
It has been a long 14 months, thanks for your support through it all.

Cranky said...

Herrad - yippee! So happy for you and Richie. Delightful to read the happiness coming thru in your post.

Jen said...

Awesome, Herrad!!! I'm thrilled for you. :) Love the Monet pics, too. I hope you get to this punk fest and rock it out!



Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,
It is brilliant news, we are both very happy.

Hi Jen,
I hope we can go to the gig too, would be cthe icing on the cake.

Thanks for coming by and sharing the good news, your comments are very appreciated.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations, glad to her such good news!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephanie,
It is brilliant news, thanks for coming by, really hope that I/we can go to the gig, that would be the icing on the cake.

kmilyun said...

How wonderful! Great to here positive note on the progress.


Herrad said...

Hi Jan,
Thanks for coming by.
It is brilliant that suddenly there is good news and I will be getting the chair adaptation soon.
ps can hardly believe it.

Webster said...

I have just a few minutes before I have to go to a meeting, first the store to buy the snacks!, so I have to get moving because as you know, everything takes longer than I expect it to. BUT I just had to check in to see, and WHAT GREAT NEWS!!!! I am so happy for you both. Now when you are sitting, just remember to shift your weight around whenever you think about it. It will act like your APP Mattress and help prevent pressure sores from forming. (At least that's what my PT told me when I used a w/c full time). The 29th will be here before you know it! I AM SSOOOOO HAPPY! I am smiling across the continent and the ocean at you.

Anonymous said...

It's now close to twenty to four. Am awake since nine this morning and spend many hours with lessons and kids not doing their homework, wondering what this may be all about, only to arrive at your site and to find that wonderful news, and the answer, that it is simply life and such happy moments as this one.
All the very best for you all ! Learned today, that it makes one glad to see other happy, thank you.

Stephany said...



I will celebrate with you, my friend.

Autumn where the leaves fall and the winter looms, brings to us a mighty brilliant Spring, my friend.



suejan said...

Wonderful news hope it bucked you up. Like your Monet pics-seen his garden & work in Paris. Think you would like Freericeon www. Ive exhausted paintingsand french Everytime you enter and win rice goes to underpriveledged. So pleased for you

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad Now that is good news

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your visit and your advice.
We are very happy with this news.
Feel quite optimistic about life again.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by and sharing our happiness.

Hi Stephany,
Yes hooray indeed....prosecco all round on the 29 October.

Hi SueJan,
Thanks for your visit.

Hi Carole,
It is brilliant news, thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks everyone for coming by and sharing our good news.
We are both very happy with the idea that soon I can go out again with Richie.
Have a good evening and weekend.