Friday, October 09, 2009

Very disturbed night last night.

Stanley Spencer.

Very disturbed night last night and had to finally ask Richie to get me a lorezepam to get me to sleep.

It was not my body that was keeping me awake but my mind which I could not switch off even though I was extremely exhausted.

On the verge of nodding off I had a thought and that was the end of sleep, two lots of thc were good but my mind would not stop.

It was like a hamster on a wheel just kept going round and round, even when there was no new input.

Guess I was too tired and too stressed, so that made sleep impossible, hated taking the pill, but knew that I needed to finish sorting out the paperwork.

This is all done now, bar a couple of letters which will be written on Sunday, Willes, our neighbour, will assist me.

Very tired now but feeling good now it is all sorted out, think that tonight I will sleep soundly.

We have a plan to help me sit, Rich is going to sit me at the edge of the bed with my legs over the edge and he will support me so I remain upright.

I was a suggestion from Ludwine, the ergotherapist from the RCA (Rehabilitation Clinic Amsterdam)

Looking forward to watching Later with Jools tonight and look forward to tihe weekend.

Have a good weekend too.


Gareth said...

Hi Folks just mailed ya but thought I,d pop by sorry to hear you had bad night, Know how hard it is to switch mind off. Esspicaly when theres Paper work involved. Glad your ploughing through it though.
ENJOY Mr Holland and his Music Makers


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! Your mind was racing from all the mail! I'm the same way when something is pending or not mind won't let it go. What a great idea about the sitting. That way if the chair comes later than expected you'll be ready for the concert! Hope it all works out!!!
xxx Just sitting down to some pizza, and I rented some movies, suspence/horror of course, lol...will I ever learn? Doubt it, ha ha! Hope you had a nice Friday evening!!! I hope to go to the Giant Pumpkin Contest tomorrow afternoon, will take lots of pix!!

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for coming by, love seeing your comments.
Have a well deserved relaxing weekend.

Hi Rain,
My mind was racing faster than fast.
Hope pizza and films are good.
Look forward to pics of the Giant Pumpkin Contest.
Have a good weekend.

Webster said...

Since I don't have THC I've been known to take lorazepam to get to sleep too. Melatonin also help to make me drowsy. hopefully once the paperwork is done, the racing thoughts will go, too.

Stephany said...

Hi on Saturday Herrad!

I think the lorazepam was a good idea, that class of drugs is designed, I believe anyhow for emergency purposes like that one, where you need sleep and lowered anxiety etc. I'm awake right now at 1am here from thinking. I've tried the cheese danish approach, for a carbo load and we'll see how that works for getting me back to sleep (LOL)!

Anyway, I hope sleep was better and that Saturday is a nice day for you both. Big St Bernard at the dog park yesterday, looked like a pony! :)


steve said...

Herrad, darlin' -

Restless mind syndrome. I used to get it when I was a child the night before we would go to the amusement park.

If you can stand the skin contact, I know you and Richie will enjoy your time sitting up in bed. I can never resist the urge to tickle.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Thanks for your comment, my thoughts are getting calmer now things are sorted out.
Once the last couple of letters get written tomorrow it is all sorted and I am sure sleep will be easier again.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for the feedback about lorazepam, hated taking it, have had none of that sort of drug for 14 months.
But knew I had to break the circle of anxietry/sleeplessness before it became worse.
Sleep was difficult lasat night but did happen.

Hi Steve,
I remember getting it too before exciting things but not too used to how it felt this week.
Do not know if we can sit next to eac h other as I can not sit upright on my own.
We will try and see.

Thanks everyone for coming by, lovely to see them in my inbox.
Have a good day.

steve said...

After BR's bout with sepsis, he was also unable to sit up, even after being placed into a sitting position. To help build up what trunk muscles he had left, the physical therapist taught me to gently swing his legs off the side of the bed, then kneel behind him as I sat him up and stabilized him. It was the most physical contact we had had since we started using the lift for transfers.

Your adventure is moving on to a new phase. Here's to hoping the joys can compensate for the pains you'll experience along the way.

Amrita said...

when I am tired or adrelin is working extra hard I find it difficullt to sleep