Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who knows anything is possible.

Berkshire, England.

Quite amazing how things can change around so quickly, week before last I was quite down, thinking the paperwork had not arrived at the council yet.

Felt so let down and just could not understand that three weeks later the three people who had been here on the 17 September had not made sure their paperwork was done quickly.

Welzorg, Summit and ARCA had all assured us that they would do everything in their power to speed the process up.

Really had to pinch myself as thought I was in a bad dream, on the 17 September they had all assured Richie and me that the whole process would go as fast as possible.

And here it was three weeks later and instead of good news, it was the worse possible.

One week later and it is all different again, this time it is good news, was so excited to hear that on the 29 October I would get the adapted seat attached to my electric chair.

We talked about it the whole day Thursday, kept coming back to the moment of the telephone call.

The funny thing was that at first I thought the appointment was going to be on the 29 of November.

Tried to not be too down about having to wait for so long, so was delighted when I repeated what I thought Michelle had said, only to hear her say no not November on 29 October.

That made it very good, and the news about the paperwork not being sent quickly has totally faded into the background now.

The 29 October is the big day to work towards now, shame it is already so cold, it will not stop me from going out.

Now to organise warm clothes to wear, yippee I have the very enjoyable task of organising warm clothes to go out in.

Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue, no window open now as it is too cold for that.

Guess the blue sky and sunshine is a big clue that it has got very cold indeed, on the window ledge the strawberry plant is doing it's best to cope with he cold wind.

Wonder if the last green strawberries will ripen, who knows anything is possible now.

That is a good feeling to have, and that is the one I shall take with me from today.

Have a good day too.


Anonymous said...

Anything is possible!!! I am living proof of that, lol!
:) I know what you mean about the big blue sure is an indicator of the cold weather here! We're still about a month or two (hopefully 2) away from snow, but the wind makes it close to zero degrees most nights!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
You are indeed a wonderful proof that everything is possible.
Keep warm and happy.

Jane Doe said...

What stunning pics! I loved them.

I'm glad you're getting what you need for your chair and that you don't have to wait till November to get it. It's amazing how something like that can change our whole outlook on life, isn't it?

This was a lovely blog post, I enjoyed reading it.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Herrad said...

Hi Jane,
Nice to see your comment, thanks for coming by.
I am getting quite excitied about the 29 October.
Glad you like the pictures, they are pictures from where I used to live in England.
Have a good weekend too.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad!

It's going to be a great day, October 29th. You deserve it!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
The 29 is going to be a good day.
Have a good Saturday.

Amrita said...

wish you the best Herrad

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for your visit and good wishes.
Hope you are well.

Diane J Standiford said...

Funny how fast things can change. Just wait. Just wait. Just wait. Breathe. :)

Libby said...

oh, herrad, countdown to oct 29! i love winter clothes, fuzzy warm sweaters, all that, much better than letting it all hang out in the summer!! lol! but i love sun, no matter how warm it is out! & these are great pix!!

Herrad said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks for coming by and for the reminder to breath in and out slowly.

Hi Libby,
Thanks for your visit, I am looking forward to getting out wrapped up well.

Thanks for visiting and leaving me your comments.
Exciting times are coming, looking forward to getting out and about soon.
Have a good weekend.

Peace Be With You said...

Thanks for posting your beautiful pictures. Now that I don't travel very much, they help take me to new places. So glad you have your new chair soon. Judy

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
there was once a time when I had to wear shoes found on the street (more on that soon at my site), there was also I time when I thought I better keep on swimming until I can't anymore - there were however also moments, which did call me back to the shore, hurring to get me Jeans on and to return home. Oh! you are so very right to say that anything is possible. Wishing you soon days to leave home, riding through town, only to know that you can return, knowing that you can leave tomorrow again.

Herrad said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for coming by, glad you like the photos.
They take me back to when I lived in Reading, Berkshire.
Looking forward to going out again soon.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for sharing, there are times things happen and then life calls you back.
Feel called back to take part again now I can go out again.

Thanks my friends for coming by and sharing your comments.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Webster said...

Some days it does seem that all's right in the world. 'Tis true.

I live for those days.

Nat said...

I'm so happy for you :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for reminding me that anything - and everything - is possible. lovely pix, btw!