Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunny and Cold.

Spike and Marleen and I, and our building and blue skies.

The temperature is dropping fast now, last night went to sleep with my arms out of the duvet as I felt too warm.

This morning wanted to pull the duvet up over my head so cold did it feel, and not just to me.

We had the heating on first thing and again a wee while ago, the sun however is shining brightly which I love.

It makes everything look good, less street sounds in the mornings now, as the workies have no desire to congregate outside on the bench in the kiddies play area for coffee and chats.

Funnily enough the man that empties the bins on the play area either does it very quietly or not at all as we have not heard him since it has become cooler.

I am not complaining as there is no fun being woken at 7.30 by someone seemingly beating metal with a hammer, that is what the bin emptying sounded like.

Still have not heard anything about the paperwork finally being sent successfully to the council department for xtheir evaluation.

Have to concentrate on other things as there is nothing I nor anyone, not even my doctor can do to speed up this situation.

Guess that it does not surprise me as this happens so often, when you need help and assistance because you are vulnerable and can not afford it yourself you often risk getting negligent treatment.

This is how the working classes always get treated, which is rich when you consider who does the actual work.

Oh well live and let live and here is hoping for true progress in all areas of human life.

For a better tomorrow for us all, but first I shall enjoy what today has,such as beautiful sun and blue skies.

Hope you all have a good day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! I love seeing the photos! And seeing you smile too!
Your dogs are so cute at the end of your bed, I'm sure they're quite comfy there, lol.
It's sunny and cold here too, and did I mention the wind, lol? It's so bright, I have to close the shades because I'm squinting! Hope you have a nice Wednesday, and you're's out of your hands right now, so concentrating on other things is all you can do. I feel the same, I've been waiting on a letter since September 14th...I was driving myself nuts going to the post office each day, only to be told "no mail today" I've vowed to only go on Fridays. It was causing a lot of stress!
Take care!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! great photos! your practically glowing with vibrance, and the dogs look happy too!

Have a nice evening


Kris said...

It's a lot colder in NYC too. YOu and your dogs look so happy!

Unfortunately I won't be going to Europe anytime soon. I moved to a new apt in my building and my back account is now tapped out. Time to start saving again for a trip!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Glad you liked the photos.
Thanks for the advice, good to read and confirms that it is best to indeed concentrate on other things.
The dogs were even sweeter than usual today.

Hi Stephany,
Glad you like the photos too, funnily enough so do I, which is a surprise for me as I usually do not like my own photos.
We are still enjoying our evening, a touch later now, hope your visit with your daughter was good today and your evening is good too.

Hi Kris,
Shame about the trip, but a good place to live is number one on the list, hope your new apartment is gorgeous.

Thanks you three lovely friends for coming by, lovely to see your comments.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
so nice to see your smiles. So nice to see so many bikes as well. It has been probably ten years since last I rode upon two wheels - wonder whether I'll be still able to do.
Temperature is said to be 26 on Saturday, seems as if autumn will still be a bit away from here.
A wonderful Thursday for you.
p.s.: Henri Matisse already knew that 'blue' enters the soul, wishing you much happyness.

Webster said...

Oh, just look at the bunch of you! All seem so comfortable and pleased with themself! Haha.

It is not really cold here (just me, I'm always cold it seems), but today was a day with lots of energy (but not me, I soon ran out of energy). It was raining when I got up, and raining when we left the house, and windy too then; then it was sunny while we made it to the next stop, then more rain, then, well, the cycle repeated. I love the energy of a Fall day like today!