Thursday, October 29, 2009

Life is Moving Along Again.

In an hour’s time they will all be here, I believe there will be my advisor Michelle,
and Harm from Welzorg and Elwin from Summit and Ludwine, the ergo therapist and her colleague Jenny, both from the RCA.

When they get here I will be placed in the chair and Elwin will check that the adaptation is giving me the support that I need.

When Elwin has made all the adjustments needed then Ludwine will check that I am indeed sitting correctly.

At this point Jenny will get me lifted lightly off the chair so that the pressure gauge cushion can be placed under me so that Jenny can check that the pressure is well distributed.

Once that has been completed I will be able to test out the wheelchair and adaptation, and after two weeks Elwin will make an appointment for an evaluation.

Where he will no doubt check whether he has to adjust or fine tune anything to give me better support.

Of course if I need help before the evaluation appointment I am sure that I will be able to get assistance should I need it.

Well it went very well, I was placed in Summit’s chair to test the adapted seat and it felt good, felt like I was sitting well supported in a comfy armchair.

Elwin checked whether I was well supported and Ludwine double checked to see if my pelvis was in the right position.

Then I was put back into bed so Elwin could adjust the left arm rest so my left leg had a touch more room.

Once that was done Jenny arrived and placed her pressure gauging cushion on the seat and Richie placed me on it, at first the laptop showed too much pressure on the right side where the wound had been.

Then Ludwine and Jenny showed Richie how to carefully adjust my pelvis so that I was sitting better, this instantly removed the red pressure from the screen.

Richie saw very clearly how I need to sit and is confident he will be able to put me in that position.

It was a tiring experience especially with so many people here, tiring and busy but so worthwhile.

A good friend Skyped me just as I was put back into bed, it was very nice to talk to Lucy and tell her what had just happened.

Feeling kind of tired now and keen to get out of bed and have a shower and then eat dinner.

A pleasant feeling knowing that tomorrow the chair will be here and I can start to sit up for an hour a day.

Hope that by next week I can start to sit for two hours, life has become really very exciting now.


Rain said...

That's such great news Herrad! I'm so happy the day finally arrived and it was a success! Great,no wonder you're pooped!
:) Enjoy your evening, I'll bet you're beaming huh?

gareth said...

Hi folks Ssooo HAPPY for you both to hear that it all went ok, sounds like the poeple there knew what they were doing thank goodness.
Heres looking forward to your renewed freedom


Have Myelin? said...

I love seeing the photos indicating motion...showing you too are moving towards a new chapter.

I look forward to reading more about your days "sitting up".


Travelogue for the Universe said...

This is very good to hear.
Best wishes. I have been out of touch for awhile.

Jen said...

Awesome, Herrad!!!!!!



kmilyun said...


Richie said...

A great day! you were wonderful and very brave today.
I can't wait for a trip out- I bet the dogs go mental when we all get out together!

Peace Be With You said...

I'm thrilled, Herrad, that the experience was so successful. I'm already smiling in anticipation of your new-found freedom.

Lisa Emrich said...

Really very exciting indeed!! Can you hear the cheers from all the way over there? Can't wait to see you out and about. Actually just sitting in the chair, well-supported, will be wonderful.

You go girl!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
It was a very successful day, we are both very happy and have both been smiling alot.

Hi Gareth,
Looking forward to sitting up everyday for an hour.

Hi Sherry,
Looking forward to sitting up for an hour a day, hopefully Ton will give me the go ahead next week Wednesday that I can sit up for another hour.

Hi Mary,
It was great today was finally here.

Hi Jen,
It was very good.

Hi Jan,
I felt like shouting yippppppeee most of the day.

Hi Richie,
So were you, it was good how calm you stayed and how well you do everything.

Hi Judy,
I had worried alot beforehand but today went very well which was good.

Hi Lisa,
It has been very special to get comments and emails from all over today plus a couple of Skype calls.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving supportive comments and sharing our joy at our lives finally moving forward today.
It was brilliant to see that the finished adaptation was as good as it seemed to be 6 weeks ago.
Finally after 14 months life is starting to move forwards and not staying stationary in one room anymore.
Thanks dear friends for all the friendship and support which have really helped me through these last 14 months.

robert said...

From now on one will have to guess whether the pictures seen were taken before or during your 'walks' throught the town.

A very happy smile upon my face at a quarter past two, whishing you all the very best.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
It will be a few weeks until I can really go any distance from thje appartment have to take it slowly until I have been able to build up the length I can sit from an hour to several hours.
But it should not take too long.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

Diane J Standiford said...

Once you are about, you will never look back!! Hip Hip Hooray!

Webster said...

I hope you get a delicious breakfast from Richie tomorrow. One which you can sit at the table to eat.

You did it Herrad! You have survived the insufferable with such grace. Now build up your sitting just in time for your concert!


Stephany said...

Just really glad it's moving forward for you and Richie now, what a great relief to be out soon!

Steph said...

I'm soo excited for you!

Herrad said...

Hi Diane,
Thanks for your encouragement.

Hi Webster,
I had a delicious fruit smoothie and refried leftover couscous and halumi dinner from last night plus piece of pear and raisins and currant tart.

Hi Stephany,
It is a good day now life is moving on again.

Hi Steph,
Thanks, we are very excited too.

Thanks for coming by and sharing the good feeling of life moving on again.
Have a good day today.