Friday, October 23, 2009

Great Visit From a Good Friend Today.

Grayson Perry.

Last night neither of us got of to sleep easily as we were both too tired, weird would have thought that being tired would make sleep inevitable.

It was eventually, but it took us both hours, I finally drifted off between 4 and 5 this morning and Richie after 5.

We did catch up on a little sleep by sleeping until midday, it was 13.30 by the time Richie had done my leg exercises and massage and I had done my 30 minutes of arm exercises.

An hour later, a good friend Anja came to visit, she brought us bagels and humus, sadly my directions were not too good so she went in the wrong bagel shop, Bagels and Beans who do not make real bagels, they make bagel shaped bread rolls.

Real bagels are chewy, these were very nice light bread rolls, but it did not matter, it was so pleasant to have a visit from such a good friend as Anja.

Realised today that we know each other quite awhile now, first saw her in 1983 and got to know her the year after.

Something really good about getting a visit from someone who knows you so well, like Anja knows me.

Remember how in 1997 when I told her and another friend that Richie was moving back to Amsterdam to be with me, their reactions were so very different.

Anja's reaction confirmed again that she was a real friend, whereas the other woman, Dorthe showed she was not a real friend by shouting out 'That is a bad plan'.

Anja on the other hand said 'If that makes you happy then I am all in favour'.

Think poor Dorthe was quite confused by my reaction, she had not expected me to disagree with her, so when I told her that her opinion had not been asked for, and she was stunned.

Poor thing, funny how you can sometimes suddenly see who really is a friend and who not.

Anja showed by her comment that she was in favour of what made me happy and Dorthe, that
she obviously did not care about my happiness.

It was sad to have this confirmed but that is life isn’t, sometimes you get disappointed but there is usually a silver lining my silver lining in 1997 was Richie moving back to Amsterdam.

I came back in the summer of 1996 to work on my final dissertation and stayed on after I finished my Masters degree in Criminology.

My silver lining is still with me now and I am happy each day that Richie is here in my life.

April 1989 will always be my favourite month, that is when we met for the first time, amazingly that is twenty years ago now.

Quite incredible that it’s 20 years already, does not seem like it at all, but then the saying is ‘Time flies by when you are having fun’.

And I really do have fun with Richie, even now time flies when we are together and we can always see the funny side of things.

Life with Richie is good, despite the MS we still have good times together, and long may it go on.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful ode to love and life.

Quarter past four over here, Stefan has a rough sleep, me non at all and ten hours of lessons ahead.

A wonderful Saturday for you all !

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by, sorry to hear you can't sleep.
And ten hours school ahead too!
Did not know that in Greece there is also school on Saturday.
Hope that despite your tiredness you will have a good day today.

Anonymous said...

Long may it go on Herrad!!! I'm glad you had such a nice visit! I learned in 2003 who my real friends were and weren't, after my burnout, it's a tough lesson sometimes! Hope you have a nice weekend!!!

suejan said...

I think bringing up an autistic boy my body has got used to lack of sleep. Worst was when we had power cut and as my mobile phone not charged Carer [Icall g w a]wouldnt let we phone Ambulance and I had to stay up all night
Grayson Perry was on tv quiz panel this week -in dress and head band!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
It was a good visit, and you are right you often learn who your friends really are when life gets hard.
It is a steep learning curve, wish you had not had to learn this when your life got so difficult in 2003.

Hi Suejan,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment.

Thanks both for coming by and leaving comments.
Hope today is a good day for you both.