Friday, October 30, 2009

Optimistic now that I can sit again.

Yesterday was the big day that the adaptation was finally brought around, only realise now how much I had been anticipating the appointment and how worried I had been.

Had not realised how worried I had been but know that I have been and am no longer worried as I slept very well last night.

What amuses me today is that I was lying there last night convinced that I would not sleep and promptly fell asleep.

Just before they all arrived yesterday I felt terribly nervous and then they all got here and I was instantly ok, just wanted to get on with it and sit.

I was sat in the chair, Elwin had a good look and Ludwine made some adjustments and Elwin made some marks where he needed to reduce the mould.

At this point I was put back in bed and after some adjustments; I was hoisted out of bed again and sat back in the chair to see if there were more adjustments needed.

Elwin made some more drawings of the parts that needed adjusting, and Jenny arrived with the pressure gauging cushion which was extremely useful.

It pinpointed exactly where the pressure was, and it turned out to be exactly where the wound had been.

Ludwine and Jenny gave Richie a master class in how to recognise how I am sitting and how to rectify and correctly position me so that I am sitting properly.

It was a very tiring day, all the anticipation and then twice being hoisted in and out of bed and at the end of the afternoon Elwin had to take the chair and the adaptation away with him to finish it off at his work.

Shame as had wanted to sit up for awhile after the appointment, had wanted to leave the building and go downstairs and round the side and say hello to Willes.

Still never mind, the wheelchair and adaptation was back here early this morning at 8.30 and this afternoon I can sit in it and gradually get the hang of sitting again.

Am so curious how it will feel to move around of my own free will and without someone else pushing me.

That is quite an exciting thought that I will be able to move from room to room when I want to.

Not sure that I can actually cope with visualising that idea, think it will make more sense when I do it rather than try to visualise something that I have not been able to do for over 14 months now.

Right now I am looking forward to sitting again this afternoon, in fact I am really looking forward to sitting for an hour a day to start with, and hope that it goes exceptionally well and by next week I will be able to sit for two hours.

Not sure whether there is enough time for me to build up enough hours sitting in the wheelchair so that I can go to the gig on the 21 November.

That is why it is such a shame that I did not get the adaptation fitted onto the chair earlier as every day really counts in order to build up enough time sitting without ant negative affects on my bottom.

It would upset me a lot if I am not ready to go the concert on the 21 November, but it would upset me even more if I developed another pressure sore that turned into a deep open wound.

That would for sure be much worse indeed.

For now I am optimistic that I will be able to sit up for four hours by the 21 November.

Optimistic and looking forward to what happens next and new adventures to be had.

It is Friday again so quickly, this time it it is the day after getting the adaptation, the day my life starts again and the day when I can decide when I want to sit.

Hope everyone has a good day too.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad!! Happy sitting today!
Since the wheelchair was so well adapted, and they focused on where there was too much pressure before, plus now Richie has the master course under his belt, so I'm sure you won't suffer another pressure wound! Optimistic is right! And even if you can't sit through the whole gig on the 21st, can you go for a little while at least?

JC said...

Good to hear that the chair will be ready for you soon.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks, I think it will be a happy sitting day indeed.
That is a good idea to go for at least part of the gig.

Hi JC,
The chair is ready for me to test for two weeks until the next evaluation with Elwin and Ludwine.

Thanks both of you for coming by today.
Hope it is also a good day for you both.

Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

Though I have been horrifically remiss in my lack of blogging comments and visiting sites lately.

It is truly great news to see your getting up in a chair, and the outside world appears that much closer everyday.

If you happen to roll by this weekend at my front door trick or treating; I'm sure I can find you a huge hand full of candy, a scare, and just maybe a Ghoul or Zombie to entertain your way through this Halloween.

Hope you have a great day! BOO!

Herrad said...

Hi Stan,
Really brilliant seeing you had visited.
Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment, it is good to get a comment from you, excellent.
Great to share the good news with you that I am learning to sit again after 14 months, it is very tiring.
Hope you have a good Halloween, sadly we won't be coming past your door this year.

Enjoying the Ride said...

So many of us lament the fact that we must sit instead of stand, we forget that folks like you have been hoping for the day that you can sit. Congratulations.

Your story will keep me focused on monitoring my skin condition, so that I can sit as long as I have the strength to.

Happy sitting.


Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad, please allow me to tell you how glad this post of you made me to read about your happyness.
A wonderful weekend for you all !

Webster said...

FANfuckingTASTIC! Where are you going this weekend? For a stroll around the neighborhood?

P.S. I finally made the apple crisp. It's baking right now.

Herrad said...

Hi Mitch,
Thanks for coming by, very important to change your position regularly, maybe ensure you do so by tilting back in your chair and lie back in your chair.
And as you say checking the skin is a very good idea.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your sweet comment, glad to know you shared our happiness too.

Hi Webster,
A roll round the neighourborhood is on the cards for sure.
Apple crisp hmmmmmm think I smell it and its delicious.
Wish I could come by and visit you.

Thanks everyone for coming by and sharing our happiness with us.
The friendship and support we have had from you and other blog friends has been absolutely incredible.
It has given both Richie and myself a huge boost.
Feel that we could not have done it without you all.

Amrita said...

So glad you got your adaptable wheelchair. Best of luck with it.

I was just wondering do Europeans celebrate Halloween?

steve said...

this time it it is the day after getting the adaptation, the day my life starts again and the day when I can decide when I want to sit.

Other than physical endurance, are there any other barriers to venturing out? Bad weather? Bad hair day?

I have been and remain in awe of how the two of you have coped. Richie's been a bit quiet lately, and I'm assuming he's very busy dealing with the changes in routine that your new mobility has precipitated. I hope he's able to find some time for his poetry and music and other things that make his heart not hurt so much.