Sunday, October 04, 2009

When the sun is shining it is a pretty day, like now. Have a good day.

Absurdist Art.

Last night for the first time in ages I got off to sleep with no problem which was very nice indeed after all those nights where I seemed to have to will myself asleep.

My problem has been thinking, of course once I start thinking my brain becomes too active and sleep no matter how desirable is not going to happen easily.

Last night Richie massaged my head as he was getting me settled for the night, and it seems to have worked.

Even now my head does not feel like I have a tight band around my forehead, a weird feeling but one which I have almost become used to.

Until Richie started to gently rub my brows and top of my head and when I felt more relaxed I realised that the feeling had been tension.

Never thought of having a tense forehead before, mind you think my hands are too; recall being very surprised after a manicure when I noticed how relaxed my hands felt.

The manicurist was most amused; Maya was a beautiful Serbian woman, who was briefly working in the salon of the hair dresser, Carlo Di Luca that I used to visit.

She looked like a madonna, a serene beauty, it was a pleasure to have her do my nails, felt quite wonderful to have my hair cut and coloured while Maya did my nails.

All the time Carlo, the hairdresser would be singing along to glorious Italian opera and sometimes he would ride around the salon on his scooter.

It was a great time going for a few hours in to Carlo's world, meeting his other customers, great place to talk to a wide variety of people.

People I would never have otherwise met, like one of the top criminal lawyers in The Netherlands and a variety of bright young things in the media world, as well as IT workers, and bar staff.

The coffee and the ambience were excellent, usually Carlo offered us glasses of wine and I have often had champagne.

Every now and then I would go to my hair appointment and buy little cakes to share with Carlo and his staff and other customers.

Getting a box with 8 tiny cakes was usually enough to share and always produced a great reaction when I arrived at the salon.

Happy days and great memories of a great hair cutter, Carlo stopped being a hair dresser, shame as he is the best hair cutter.

These days he is concentrating on catering and holidays, occasionally I get a sms or an e-mail telling me how and where he is.

Anytime now the Arsenal v Blackburn game will be over and Richie will hoist me out of bed and cut my hair and give me a shower.

Looking forward to that so will find some pictures and posts this now.

The weather is cool and changeable, when the sun is shining it is a pretty day, like now.

Have a good day.


Stephany said...

That sounds like the best hair salon, what a great story Herrad.The MS may be trying to present itself by taking your body abilities, but it will never change or take away you. I think you should know, that you really shine through your writings, still a vibrant and full of life woman.

Have a nice evening!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for visiting, you are right it was the best hair salon.
Carlo always did a great cut and I would leave when he was satisfied my hair was perfect.
Your sweet words are nice to read, got me bubbling abit, being moved always produces t ears even happy ones.
Big h ug.
ps seems blogger has gone weird on my again big font and moved text and images.

Stephany said...

here's a link to one of my favorite poems and a great music vid from Matt's blog, where I discovered that poem. I think the images in the vid might appeal to you, anyway, enjoy it!

Stephany said...

PS- I was going to pass this award onto you, but then I see you're in the list already!

Consider it given twice, now from me too!


Friko said...

hello herrad,
a very happy post, I hope to be reading many more like that. memories are important for all of us; and so much more so when they are as happy as these.

kmilyun said...

I can vision myself laying there tonight thinking - dwelling on my brain being to active as the reason I am still awake - never thought about it that way LOL

I can almost hear Carlos singing as you tell the story so well.

Glad the sun is shinning there.


Jaya said...

Hi dearest Herrad, I surely echo your sweet memories....the scooter, what a hoot with Carlo all dressed in business attire! It was, I would have to say the best hair cut I ever had as a gift from both Richie and you to celebrate your wedding and new year..I cherish those memories gently awakened by you here...Lots of love...

Stuff could always be worse said...

I like your blog and think you deserve another award, stop by mine an get it.

Anonymous said...

May this full moon make bright your lifes. All the best for you two and a nice new week as well.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for the link to Matt's blog, good poem.
Thanks also for the award, a lovely surprise, thanks also telling me Ana had given it to me too.

Hi Friko,
Thanks for coming by, you are right memories are very important to us.
I have only recently realised that I can write and I can tell my stories well.
Telling Stories is big thing in Trinidad, people are love liming,hanging out together, and telling stories.My dad was a very good story teller, loved hearing them and could listen to them over and again.

Hi Jan,
Lovely to see your comment,took me ages to work out that I was keeping myself awake by thinking.

Hi Jaya,
Thanks for visiting, very special getting a comment from you.
Those are very special memories indeed.
Your hair looked fantastic, Richie said so to when I read your comment out to him.
Hugs and lots of love to you.

Hi Kim,
Thanks for coming by and thanks for the award, I shall pass it on next week.

Hi Robert,
Hope the full moon shines on you and your partner and Stefan.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving comments and giving me a boost.
Love and hugs.

Amrita said...


Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for your visit and comment.