Saturday, October 10, 2009

Amsterdam Boat Race.

Was not easy but did eventually drift off to sleep, seems really difficult to get the mind to shut down and stop triggering off thoughts.

This week the stress has been because of the paperwork but also because of the news that the paperwork still had not got to the relevant council department.

Apart from mailing the people involved in this three way paper chase there is not much that I can do.

Have this minute sent yet another mail to the three people involved, can’t believe that this comi0ng Thursday it will be already a month since the very promising modelling session.

Was given to believe on 17 September that the paperwork would get to the burocrats who make the decision by the week after.

Glad now I did ask what the situation was otherwise would not have heard any thing, hate the way that it goes here.

Before I my diagnosis really thought that care of the sick and vulnerable was well organised here.

Mind you when I recall how the reorganisation of home care hit hard and caused huge amounts of people great stress, should have realised that it would affect all areas of care.

But typical, like many other people, I did not realise what devasting effect privatising health care would have on everyone especially the old, sick and vulnerable.

It amazes me now how I did not give these issues a thought, guess most of us do not think about it.

We all take things very much for granted until we can no longer function well anymore and need assistance.

In the big rush to liberalise the market and open it up for competition what has happened is all that all the things we took for granted are only available if you pay for it.

And pay a lot for it too.

In my opinion profits should not be made out of health care or utilities such as water, instead these services should be freely available.

Quite sick making how everything has to make a profit, shame that all the dynamism is not utilised to improve life for us all.

Instead all our efforts are focussed on making more money in be kept in banks which only give the banks real profit.

We can’t eat cash can we, hope that people and not profit will become more important soon.

Just sent yet another e-mail to the people who have to send the paperwork to the council, have asked them to please do everything in their power to speed up the process.

It will be a month coming Thursday that the modelling session took place, had all gone to plan I should have my second appointment for fine tuning this coming week with a real prospect of getting the finished product next week.

It is a day of sunshine and clouds, luckily no rain which is great for the annual boat race around the canals.

Have searched for a webcam of the canals (grachts) so that I could post it with this post but sadly had no luck.

Fortunately Richie has taken some photos of some of the boats he saw on the canal near us.

Have a good weekend.


Have Myelin? said...

I love the photos. So serene!

We have a health care crisis going on here too so I know what you mean. It is scary.

Once again I enjoy your pictures. =)

JC said...

I like the photos ... when we took our boat our a few weeks ago ... the local university had their crew boats out practicing. It was fun to see.

I am so sorry about your ins not getting the chair for you. The most you can do .. I guess .. is to call all the time.

Very frustrating ...

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad! I wish there was another chair you could sit in even for a few minutes just to get outside while waiting for the fitted one! I'd be tempted to email and telephone those ppl daily to keep the pressure on them, you've waited long enough for sure.

HUGS have a pleasant evening

Anonymous said...

I'm so upset that they are lagging on this. I can't believe it's been a month already either, wow. The photos are really cool, I love to see a boat race! Glad it's sunny for you (or was, I'm late today!). Take care!

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for coming by, it is really worrying what is going on with health care.
Glad you like the pictures.

Hi JC,
Lovely to hear you have a boat.
I shall keep sending mails until they send their paperwork to the council.

Hi Stephany,
I wish I had another temp chair so I can practice sitting up so I can go to the gig on 21 November.
We have had a pleasant evening, hope yours is too.

Hi Rain,
It is very frustrating, trying to stay calm but not working sure that is also keeping me awake.
Going to go and visit your blog and see the pumpkin pics on your blog.

Thanks for coming by everyone, I am going to send mails daily until they send their paperwork into the council and Richie and I will also work on stren t hing my back muscles in the meantime.
Have a good Sunday.

Webster said...

So, how so you plan to strengthen your back and stomach muscles? Sitting on the edge of the bed with Richie kneeling behind you might work. He could keep you from going side-to-side and from falling front while supporting you from behind.

I have nothing good to say about your current situation with the chair, so I will say nothing.

Stay smiling. (I know you are, in spite of all.) and why not have a drink just for grins.

Amrita said...

The race looks like a lot of fun