Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Grey Rainy Day and 21 Degrees.

Slept well until the early hours and then woke up bathed in sweat, not sure what that was about as it was pretty cold.

Seemed to fall asleep again as quite abit later I woke up again and had to almost peel my eyes open they were so stuck together.

Lots of pain, again weather related as the temperature has gone up to 21 degrees, so it is damp and mild.

Every change in the weather has an effect on me, and everyone with MS.

It is very grey and overcast and has been raining steadily all day, I know that we need the different seasons but does it have to change so abruptly.

Yesterday was quite a day with the old and not so old post, found it extremely stressful, really glad that it seems to be coming to an end now.

This has given me such a shock, have a huge headache and feel quite sick, turned out that I had been gulping too much air in.

Seems to happen that when you gulp in too much air it makes you feel sick, have been trying to burp it out hich works abit.

Going to only write a small post for today and take it easy and hope it does the trick and headache and sick feelings go away soon.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, feel better Herrad! I gulp air when I'm anxious and it usually puts so much pressure on my lungs I get chest pains...that actually happened to me last weekend, I think all the stress from the dogs being sick led to that, and I had a full blown panic attack. It's hard to control it when you don't realize you're doing it. Hope the weather cools down and stays that way! Take care!

Stuff could always be worse said...

I love your attitude, I know rainy days are bad, remember the sun will come again

Stephany said...

I hope the headache goes away soon, probably is weather change and stress. Maybe Richie can makes some yummy curried food to pep things up a bit, well unless that would be too spicey for the stomach now.
(maybe Wednesday, since I realized I think it's past dinner time as i write this!)

Anyway, love the dog photos, isn't that polor bear one so cute!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Feeling better now, thanks for your concern.
I always gulp air when I am stressed, it really hurts especially when its over a long period.
Hope today was a good dazy for you and tomorrow even better.

Herrad said...

Hi Kim,
Thanks for your visit and your comment, you are right there is sun after rain.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by, the headache is gone now, and Richie made a delicious pasta dish, it was yummy.

Thanks for coming by and cheering me up.
I am sure tomorrow will be a better day hope for you all too.

Anonymous said...

Teddy and Wau-Wau were his comments upon seeing the first picture. Then it was only Wau-Wau and the attempt to kiss the screen.

Hope you are feeling better. Seems as if autumn won't really arrive over here, as it is still close to 28 C during the day. Maybe even good, as we still can spend many hours at the playground. All the very best for you !

Charisa said...

Hope you feel better Herrad!

K*OS! (Keep On S'myelin!) said...

Hope you feel better soon! I know what you mean by the changes in weather. My body starts aching when the season starts to change and the temps keep jumping around. Canada is a great place to live but my MS doesn't seem to like the four seasons much.

I get those night sweats often too. Not pleasant at all.

Here's to a better Wednesday!

Amrita said...

Congrats for the award.

Love the doggie photos

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Glad Stefan liked the photos, tell him I put them on for him to see.
Many hours at the playground sounds good, sure Stefan likes that.

Hi Charisa,
Thanks for your concern, I am better today.

Hi K*OS,
You will know only to well that weather changes are difficult to cope with.
One minute cold and then suddenly it is 21 degrees again.

Hi Amrita,
The awards were a great surprise for me.
Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving comments.

Cranky said...

Herrad - thanks for the award! I appreciate your compliments.

Please try to feel better. Maybe some deep breathing to chill a bit?