Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cold, Wet and Grey Sunday

Beryl Cook.

Sadly the weather has not been so good here this last week; it rained every time I wanted to go out.

Guess if I can't get a dry day I will just have to accept it is wet and go out nevertheless, not easy for me as rain is not my favourite.

Have to get warm clothes organised, really need a jumper and a pair of trousers, most of my clothes are just no longer suitable.

Lycra tops are no good now as they roll up and can not be pulled straight, not sitting in a wheelchair.

All my trousers are no longer any good as they cut into me sitting and they are not cut right.

In a wheelchair you need trousers that are made higher at the back to compensate for sitting down.

I need easy to put on clothes; most of my t-shirts are too much of a wrestling match to put them on me.

Think this is the time to shed all the unwanted clothes, give them to friends and to the clothes collecting container up the road.

Have been looking online for wheelchair clothes, what I have found is so sad looking that I could barely look at the pictures.

Very sad and slightly frumpy looking clothes on a website called My Life, which put me off looking further yesterday.

Some websites have photos of their products but a site like IT FITS has mainly line drawing of their products.

These bad drawings do not give you any idea what their garments will be like, and they are also not cheap.

Seems that no one has thought that people in wheelchairs not only come in all sizes and ages, but have varied tastes too.

But they do have taste though, not something any of the sites I have seen have seemingly thought about.

The sites I have found, all seem to want to sell a sad and unattractive clothes which is a real turn off for me, I used to be a very sharp dresser.

Sadly no longer not since the wheelchair has become an established part of my life.

The clothes I have seen were horrible and lacking any inspiration seems we are not just handicapped but need to look the part too.

Not me I still want to dress well and I will.


Anonymous said...

Hello Herrad! Sorry you have crappy weather! I hope you still have the motivation to get outside! As usual, I can't help myself, I'm a problem-solver by nature! So I looked up "adaptive clothing for women" and I found a few websites. You're right, some of them are just NOT fashionable! But I found a few here in case you're interested!
And here is a list of places that offer adaptable clothing, I didn't check all the links out, so I don't know how good they are:

~~Silk said...

Would long skirts work better? If nothing else, you'd have a wider choice.

suejan said...

Hi have been reading your blogs Thers a super site with jazzy clothes Mag Disability Now promotes it I have to wear easy clothes as carers wash and dress me Elastic trs Pretty ones hard to find Use catalogues and QVC a lot.
Your artist this ctime Im sure is the Englisg woman who found fame late in life name escapes me. Scooter conked out in rain yesterday

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad

I found this one

"Always Looking Good & Feeling Good with Easy Access Clothes
Cargo Pants, Dress Pants, Sweats, Jeans, Tops, Outerwear & MORE
Ease of Dressing and discreet access for personal care
Customize your clothes with the modifications you need
Never forfeit fashion or comfort
Clothing for men, women, and children"

Cargo pants etc, i bet they can make you a smart outfit you'll like


Peace Be With You said...

Love those images of unabashedly plus-size women.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hi Herrad, Thanks for the great pictures. Do you know someone who sews? That could cut clothing up the back so you can put shirts, skirts on but have an easy way to get in and out of them. You can put a few buttons at the top.
Best wishes. Loved your stuffing recipe!Love, Mary

JC said...

I hope you find a good site to get some clothes.

I weat sweat pants .. pull on .. while at home. Jeans for going out.

I dress very casual but it was / is the new me. When I couldn't use my hands too well it was easier to get the pants on & off.

Hope you have a good week ...

Have Myelin? said...

First I love your pictures! We used to sell greeting cards featuring the works of this wonderful artist. Our customers loved them.

I know what you mean about looking fashionable. Have you thought about commissioning someone to do you some clothing in the style you prefer? I agree with you about looking good.

I would rather have a few things I like than many crappy things.

Kris said...

Ugh, anyone can be designer these days. Which means, Herrad you should get on board! Get your ideas out there, girl! haha
I always find it so horrible that sometimes it seems that only the stick figures get the chic clothing and nothing can adapt for people. There are more of us than them lets revolt! hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi there Herrad,
hope weather did improve.
Reading your entry was of much interest,as I never thought about that before. Thank you for making me aware of it.
A wonderful week, month for you all.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for coming by and thanks for your comment.
Hope your week is good for you too.