Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Feeling Lucky Today.

William Blake.

It was brilliant seeing Gareth and Paul, strange to think that our friends are already back home in Wales, their visit to Amsterdam was over much too fast again

Today is another could, wet and windy November day, slept pretty good last night, think the lavender oil helped me drift off.

When Richie drew back the curtain this morning I wished again that we could change the colour of the glass.

Am convinced that pink windows would be so much more cheerful during the winter months, have tried to convince Richie to stick pink transparent plastic over the windows.

That way even a grey day would look pleasant.

He does not think it is a good idea which is a shame and there is no way that I can convince him otherwise.

Ton Peeks from the RCA (Rehabilitation Centre Amsterdam) came by today to check the healed pressure sore and again he was very pleased with how good the skin looks.

I have been waiting to hear back from the neurologist’s assistant Dr. M. Temmings from the OLVG Amsterdam, he had responded quickly to my request for information about LDN.

He suggested that I could either have an appointment at the polyclinic or I could have a telephone appointment.

I mailed back that I would prefer a telephone appointment and got an immediate out of office response telling me he would be out of the office until the 16 November, and then never heard anything more.

Have sent a couple more mails and finally got a reply from Dr Temmings today, telling me to ring the hospital for an appointment.

Wish he had told me this on 10 November, and then I would have called to make an appointment the very next day.

Shame about these constant miscommunications, last year Dr Temmings told me any time I wanted to discuss my condition I could mail him for a telephone appointment.

Oh well that is life, tomorrow I will call for a telephone appointment, perhaps I will get one with the Neurologist Dr Kalkers herself.

Why talk to the monkey when I can talk to the organ grinder.

Will post more as soon as I have spoken to either Dr Kalkers or the assistant Dr.Temmings.

And who knows perhaps this time I will manage to get some information from a neurologist.

It has not happened so far but I am feeling lucky today.


Anonymous said...

LOL at the organ grinder! That was funny. I sure hope you get through quickly! Yey for lavender oil! I hope it helps you always to drift off to sleep. Now what on earth does Richie have against pink windows, hmmmmm? :) I think that'a brilliant Herrad. Kind of a faux stained glass idea. I even thought of that gift wrap type of stuff, the transparent one? It comes in pink too! :)
Hope you're having a lovely evening!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Glad you liked the organ grinder and monkey comment.
Sure transparent pink gift wrap could work.
Thanks for coming by.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hi Herrad!
Lavender oil is GREAT! The power of scent can be wonderful (as long as you've got the right kind). What about a stained-glass window theme? - I LIKE that! You could put up different colors and shapes of transparent cling-wrap (don't know the exact name for it) - but would look very nice against a gray sky.

Keeping my fingers crossed and sending good vibes!

zoomdoggies said...

Herrad, it never occurred to me to tint the windows pink. What a good idea!

We get plenty of gray, gloomy weather here (Seattle). I try to think of the cloud cover as a thick, soft, fluffy gray blanket. It's easier when it's not a wet, thick, soft, fluffy gray blanket :)

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Herrad~ I will send you rose colored glasses~just say the word!

Bibliotekaren said...


I sure could use something like pink windows in my grey rainy corner of the world. Isn't it something the mis-communications with those in the medical system -- never ceases to amaze me. Hope you get some definitive info soon from the Neuro!


Bibliotekaren said...

Ooh, I like the stained-glass idea. Hanging a small frame with stained-glass over part of the window -- the part that doesn't occlude the sky from your view. Nice idea.

Herrad said...

Hi Zoomdoggies,
Thanks for your visit, think pink windows would be ideal in the winter.
Love the picture of your whippet, she looks adorable and very clever.

Hi Donna,
Thanks for your visit, the medical profession are often a strange and unhelpful bunch.
Our GP is good and will research things for me.

Hi Noe Noe Girl,
Rose colored glasses are probably it.
Wonder if you need them today too, we do it is rainy and grey here.

Hi Marit,
Thanks for your visit and comment, the lavender is doing the trick and I am sleeping better now.
The stained glass window effect is a great idea, just have to convince Richie now.

Hi Donna,
Your idea of hanging a small framed stained glass over the window is also good.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving comments.