Monday, November 23, 2009

Horrid Rainy November Day.

Roxy Paine.

Not a hint of sunshine today as it has been raining solidly since last night, I slept ok eventually.
Rachel Harrison.

This morning when I woke up at about 9 am there was a lot of noise outside.

There was a sound like the a whole battery of drills being used at the same time, when the rain seemed to have stopped briefly.

In a pause in the drilling a container was unloaded from a truck and set down very loudly somewhere close by.

Being awake I did my daily arm exercises and Richie did my leg exercises and massage and it was time for the baclofen tablets.

I had been expecting to get a telephone call from our doctor’s assistant, to let me know when the doctor would visit.

Today was the day the catheter was due to be changed, something I really do not look forward to one little bit.

What a surprise, sure I am not the only one, bet everyone who has one does not like this procedure.

Sadly it did not happen today as Lisette did not call me so I did not take the bladder relaxant and so when the lovely Dagma turned up at 13.30 I had to tell her that it could not happen today.

She will be back tomorrow to change the catheter, wonderful so now I get to think about it tonight too.

Oh well hope that I will not go there, feels like I already worried about the appointment since it was made on Friday.

Knowing me I am sure that it will be easy enough to find something else to worry about, after all I am an expert at worrying myself.

Last night was a prime example of my expertise, just before the light was turned off I was very drowsy and just in the split before the light went out I started thinking.

That of course had the effect of snapping me straight back into full consciousness as my mind went into overdrive.

I lay awake for ages and was so happy when I heard Richie get up, he got me some thc and I drifted off reasonably quickly.

Richie has made a delicious stew for our dinner tonight which we will have as soon as he and the dogs get back from their walk.

Looking forward to dinner and a pleasant evening with my darling Richie, hope everyone has a pleasant evening too.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, the stew sounds like a nice autumn dinner, I hope you sleep well, my mind is very much like that, thinking keeps me awake or can't go back to sleep.


Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Yum! Stew would be good here today with all this rain and dampness!

Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Herrad
I'm a big worrier too. My Dad says the family could teach a worrying course, so I come by it honestly.
We are also having rainy weather.
Wishing you a smooth day Tuesday.

Bibliotekaren said...


Hope you get some sleep tonight -- well, as I write this it's the middle of the night for you -- hope Richie's stew was magic and that you're getting some good sleep right now!

Take good care, Donna

Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

A nice steaming bowl of homemade stew on brisk rain soaked autumn eve; sounds absolutely yummy. I hope you are able to enjoy each and every spoon full.

As for that unpleasant catheter business; never easy to draw positives or much fun from this experience no doubt.

I guess you'll just have to listen to those rain drops going piddle patter against the window panes and roof top; imagining in gleeful folly that nature was orchestrating some magnificent musical display just for you personally this day.

Hope you sleep well, and have a wonderful day/evening

Webster said...

Stew sounds good. Unfortunately, DH doesn't cook (or eat) meat, so no stew for me!

I was scheduled for a cath change today too. But I was awakened at 9:30 with the message that my appt. needed to be changed to tomorrow. So it's to be an early rise for me tomorrow. Such fun MS brings.

Have Myelin? said...

Stew! That sounds good!

Your mind is noisy like mine. :-< Our minds blather on without our permission all the time... irritating isn't it?

Herrad said...

Hi Sytephany,
The stew was very good, Richie made masses so we will have it tonight too this time with dumplings, yummy.

Hi NoeNoe Girl,
There is a lot of rain right now.
Keep warm and dry.

Hi Sherry,
Stew is great especially with dumplings and garlic bread (love garlic bread)
Dreadful having such noisy minds isn't?
Last night my mind kept me awake until 3.30 when I took a tablet and was asleep within half an hour.

Hi Stan,
The stew was very good indeed and there was fruit crumble as desert.
Love the idea of a whole rain symphony being played specially for me, a glorious idea.
Our evening was good, hope your was too.

Hi Webster,
We do not eat meat either our stews have pulses, root vegetables, potatoes, soya, onion, garlic, herbs and dumplings.

The stuffing recipe is also excellent without the sausage meat and with some seasoned and cooked tofu or small spicy soya chunks which have been marinaded.
It is great used rolled up in pastry.
Richie has often made this for Xmas.

He rolls out a sheet of pastry and adds the following in layers;
Cooked cabbage leaves, then small soya chunks or blocks of tofu or Tempe which have been marinated and deep fried and then chestnuts and chopped cashnuts cooked and toasted pinie nuts through the whole and finely chopped and then the cranberries and of course garlic and herbs like rosemary, thyme, and salt and pepper and then roll it up in the pastry and brush with oil and put in the centre of the oven.Cook until done, aprox.40mins moderate oven.

Hope your catheter change went well, mine did.

Hi Carole,
Thinking and worrying are obviously our talents, wish they would not start to happen at night.
But bingo as soon as I get drowsy I get awake again grrrr.
Today is better but still grey, wet and horrible.

Hi Donna,
I did get sleep but had to use a pill at 3.30.
Tonight will be better now the catheter has been changed.
The stew was very good.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really love seeing your comment's brings a smile to my face,