Friday, November 06, 2009

No Sun outside plenty of Sunshine inside.

Quite an eventful day already, I rang the bed company yesterday, to report the problems with getting the bed to go flat.

It is often quite a trial to ring this company, feel like I am being submerged in treacle as a very nice voice (a patronising woman’s voice) tries to find out what my problem is.

I tell her the bed won’t go flat and she takes me through all the things you have to do like press the green button and pull the plug out and re-plug it.

They never seem to believe you have followed the correct procedure.

Sadly it happens each time regardless of me telling her right away we followed all the instructions and the bed did not respond.

It usually adds 5 to ten minutes to the conversation, which should only be a quick phone in, establish the facts and organise a visit.

This time I did not volunteer any information until asked so our ‘conversation’ only took about 10 minutes with her cross questioning me, until she was satisfied.

She promised a call back sometime that day, with the time they could come around, hours later someone phoned to say the engineer would be around between 8am and 12am the next day.

Got them to make that between 10am and 11am, felt abit less bad than 8am to 12am, though 12am would have been perfect.

As it was getting them to agree to come between 10am and 11 am was pretty good.

The engineer was puzzled that he was here again so soon, as he had only just brought round a new handset on the 17 September.

When he saw that the only way the bed would go flat was to press another function at the same time he was amazed, but I think he won’t be puzzled for too long.

He had a look of someone who was going to get to the bottom of the reason the handset had malfunctioned and quickly too.

This engineer is a very nice man, he is a pleasant relief from having to put up with unpleasant people who all seem to make it their life’s work to sneer and patronise.

I guess vulnerable people are their targets, so a nice man like this Revacore engineer is a real find.

He has been here three times now and each time even waking me up this morning was not too unpleasant, it was good to be greeted nicely and have the bed problem sorted right away.

A relief as every time it went ok we wondered for how long and wondered when would it suddenly pack up for good.

Not the sort of questions you need to have as they detract from the main event, our day.

Everything is much later today, Richie is making me a fruit smoothie now, can smell pineapple and banana and oranges yummy my favourites.

It is a grey cloudy Friday with a hint of sun behind the clouds; don't think we will see sun and blue skies today.

Feel so good and refreshed that lack of sunshine outside is more than compensated for by the sunshine here indoors from my darlings.

Hope everyone has a good Friday too.


Anonymous said...

I get very annoyed at the "cross" too when I speak to customer service agents on the phone. Some have such a superiority complex don't they...and you have to put up with it sometimes or not get service, which is crazy because we're the customer!!! I avoid them when I can! I'm glad you have a good engineer who'll get to the bottom of it!
It's windy, grey, rainy and dark here too! I heard a song yesterday, one of the lyrics was "enjoy the rain, for it can't be sunny every day"...I'm living that today! :)

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by,I try to remind myself that working in a milking parlour like a customer sericedesk is horrible.
At one the new manager wanted us to ask to go to the toilet.
Put up our hands like we were in infant school.
Basically we had to find out as quick as possible where the blame was hopefully by the customer and then we could tell them, after a 3rd degree that the problem was with their internet connection not their website.
And ring off ready for another 350 calls,
Hated not being able to help was very happy when my 6 month contract was not renewed.

Trying to ignore outside today and concentrate on my sunshine inside from Richie and the dogs.


Ana said...

Richie and the dogs!

It's sunny here but so hot that I'm sweating a lot.
Hmmm... maybe i would prefer it cooler.
We are never satisfied!

Stephany said...

Sending a big hug your way, how annoying to have to be on the phone and working this stuff out all of the time.

Libby said...

oh, herrad, sun inside with you is truly better than out the window!!

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Thanks for visiting, nice to see your comment.
Glad to hear it is very hot there.
Its cold here and getting colder and wetter all the time.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your visit and big hug, sending you a big hug right back.
Working on the helpdesk at Sykes was a bad experience.
They wanted us to answer calls fast and get rid of people as quick as possible.
But not necessarily helping them. I hated it there, not my idea of a job.
I like helping people.

Hi Libby,
Lovely to see your comment too.
The dogs out did themselves today.
And Richie has made today good.
Hope your day was sunny today.

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog today.
Lovely to see your comments, really glad you shared them here.
Hope today has been a good day and the weekend will be pleasant.

Rhapsody B. said...

Good to read that you were graced with a pleasant fellow. You should give him a good write up with the company. It is always a gift when you get someone that do there jobs with such grace that they make the most frustrating thing seem pleasant.

Hope that smoothie was good. My regards to Richie.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wonderful photos! There are really stupid people and nice people.I hope you get all the nice people.You have a great attitude even with the snafu's.
Have a great weekend and beyond.
Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Lovely to see your comment, thanks for coming by.
You are right about people, it is good when friendly people come round and help, not patronise.
Have a good Saturday.

Peace Be With You said...

Thanks for your amazing photographs. You always help me leave the confines of my house to go traveling through the universe. A real treat.

Herrad said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment, it is always lovely to see your comments.
Hope you have a good weekend.