Monday, November 02, 2009

Taking it easy.

Was unsuccessful in getting off to sleep last night, woke poor Richie up, turned out it was 5.30 when I did.

After some THC went off to sleep and had a few hours, was woken by a dog barking and people talking outside.

Could not get back to sleep again, so heard all the street noises, like the glass container being emptied very noisily.

Then more loud conversations, the rain had obviously stopped and despite it being a cloudy day it was pleasant enough for people to hang outside.

I was not too pleased with the weather as I would have preferred gentle rain which would have put anyone off from being outside for longer than they needed to be there.

Felt abit mean for thinking that but after such a bad nights sleep it was understandable, well sort of.

Still made me feel like a curmudgeon, not my favourite way to feel, hated those thoughts, but could not change it.

Sleep was my goal and that eluded me.

Richie woke up around 11 and got me some THC, which brought the dogs in who were in good spirits.

When Richie drew back the curtains, the weather was cloudy and did not look like it would change today.

The dogs were no0t put off and played very energetically with Richie and as I had already done my arm exercises I put my arms back under the duvet and relaxed and kept warm.

It was 2 pm before I knew it, and Mathilde was here for my 30 minute exercise session, which also happened so quickly.

During the exercise session the clouds got thinner and the blue skies appeared and the sun was visibly shining.

Now it is 4.20 and the sun is starting to fade slightly, autumn is well and truly here now, the temperature is dropping daily.

I do not like the fact that summer is over and the days are shorter and the nights are darker, but on the other hand it is good that the season has changed.

There is no doubt that this is autumn, unlike previous years when it got wet but not obviously autumn.

Will be sitting in the chair in awhile, have decided that I am going to take it very easily getting used to sitting again.

Would love to go to the punk gig but have realised that 21 November is not enough time to get used to sitting without danger of reopening the wound.

Have found a gig by Biffy Clyro at the Melkweg at the beginning of December, think that this more likely concert for me to get to.

Saw Biffy Clyro on Later with Jools last month and liked them.

Well that is it for today; hope it has been a good day for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad! That sucks when people wake you up...I remember my city days, a daily occurance! It's overcast here today too, but the sun is trying its best! Frost on the ground this morning, and the dogs are so silly...they dip their toes on the grass as though it's a lake, ha ha...looks like the booties will be coming out sooner than later! I think it's a great idea that you found another gig and you're not setting all your hopes on November 21st! Taking it easy is a good thing, gosh you don't want that wound back. Hope you have a great evening!!

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Thanks for coming by.
I guess when you live in a city there will be alot of noise.
This street is very noisy,our last place was quieter than here.
Think the childrens play area and the seats attract people in good weather.
Oh well swings and roundabouts.
Have a good afternoon/evening.

Ana said...

It's spring here but the sun is hiding.
Anyway... I'll send tropical vibes for you.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, hope the evening is pleasant for you and Richie. Take it all one day at a time, your instinct will tell you the pace.


Libby said...

herrad--it would suck to get woken up by people outside...i don't have any noise here...i feel like i wouldnt mind some...just SOME! lol! go to my blog to see a few pix of Halloween night & tricck or treating!

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
Great to see your comment.
Please send me those tropical vibes often through the winter.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for coming by, hope you are taking it easy too.

Hi Libby,
Quiet is something I yearn for some days, but its nice to hear happy noises when the kids are playing in th e summer.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really appreciate it very much.
Hope today is a good day and tomorrow is too.

Linda said...

Hi Herrad, thanks for visiting. It was nice to see you. I've been pretty hopeless at getting to other blogs for a while now. I think the onset of autumn has a lot to answer for.

Hope your sitting up continues to go well.

Herrad said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for coming by, lovely to see your comment.
It is a pleasure to visit your blog and see beautiful Scotland.
Richie used to live in Glasgow and misses beautiful countryside and hills very much.
Autumn has I think thrown us all by getting here so quickly.
We had an exceptionally good summer so the sudden onset of winter was a big shock.
I am going to take sitting up very slowly which is best.
Have a good day tomorrow.

Diane J Standiford said...

I used to live on a drug-deals street, learned new vocabulary! LOL Here's hoping a quieter night.

Anonymous said...

Good mornig Herrad,
arriving in Athens and its big city noice was much of a problem. They do collect trash at half past three in the morning and rush-hour starts at about five thirty - there are only a few hours when there's night silence around, mostly enjoyed by me being awake.
An easy week for you all.

Have Myelin? said...

Hi Herrad,

I too woke up in the middle of the night. At 3 AM. GRRRR...I never went back to sleep. I am deaf and don't hear anything but something wakes me up. I think it's the MS Beast inside our brains yelling....LOL.

You will know when it is time to go wheelin' in your chair. Trust your gut.

Your positive spirit yet again shines.

Amrita said...

Hope you have a resful night.

Not really sure about our time difference, but we are five and a half hours ahead of GMT or UTC. You can work that out for Amsterdam.

Herrad said...

Hi Diane,
I bet your new vocabulary was colorful.
Thanks for coming by and leaving your comment.

Hi Robert,
Rubbish collection at 3.30 !!!
And rush hour at 5.30 wow that is early especially as work does not finish too much earlier does it?
Hope it is an easy week for you too.
Thanks for coming by.

Hi Sherry,
That is horrible waking up at 3 am, it is the pits.
Think you are right its the ms beast waking us up.
Your positive spirit is shining too, excellent how you have done that, you are an inspiration to us all.

Thanks all of you for coming by, really happy to see your comments, nice to be in conversation with you.
Have a good day today.

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for coming by and for your solicitous comment, I slept much better last night.
Did get woken up 3 x by the sound of Spike ears when he shook himself.
But each time I slept again with no problem.
The time difference is 6.30 as we are one hour ahead of England.
Have a good evening.