Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pleasant Day with good news.

Totally changed my routine today, got up, well was hoisted out of bed at 12 noon after I had done my arm exercises and Richie had done my leg exercises and massage.

After I had been showered and dried and dressed in a clean top, I got sat in the wheelchair to do my leg exercises with the Motomed

As soon as I was finished Richie put me back in bed and Ton arrived to look at my bum, he could see nothing wrong with my bum, no sign that sitting was causing any problems.

The good news is he wants me to try sitting for two hours everyday, if I am tired after one hour then I should lie down and do the other hour later on in the day.

So who knows maybe the gig on the 21 is still possible after all, have found out that I can hire a small adapted van from local car hire firms like Diks and Hertz.

In the next days hope to move around more with the chair and perhaps even go out if the jacket arrives soon.

It is very exciting also finding out about LDN need to know more about how it reacts with weed (THC)

Looking forward to sitting up again, think Richie wants to do it soon.

One other good thing was doing the post today with Willes, looked like a big pile but some was advertisement and other things I had already dealt with.

All bills have been paid so apart from a couple of queries everything has been sorted out now, so sleeping will be much improved by the lack of stress.

Looking forward to a pleasant evening now hope your day has been good and your afternoon and evening will be too


Kris said...

That's great Herrad! Glad to hear this fabulous news!

Anonymous said...

Great news Herrad! 2 hours is great! Does Ton come weekly to make sure you have no sores? Sounds like a great day indeed! The sun is out here and I'm enjoying the view at the moment!

JC said...

So glad to hear that you are now able to sit in your new chair. Freedom ... yeah for you !!!!!

(I haven't been stopping by as much due to taking care of Bella & being sick & My H being out of town. Doesn't mean I don't care ... just wanted you to know that)

Libby said...

wheee!! happy pictures to go with happy news!!

Stephany said...

Great, great great!

steve said...

There's nothing visibly wrong with your bum, eh? I'll pass the news on to Hef. Maybe you'll get an offer to appear in Playboy. I'd buy that issue.

Congratulations on the mail. I brought mine with me packed in the suitcase. Adds a whole new meaning to "Pak al je zorgen in je plunjezak en fluit, fluit, fluit!"

Stephany said...

CONCLUSIONS: These studies demonstrate that naltrexone increases the subjective effects of oral THC. Thus, oral THC's effects are enhanced rather than antagonized by opioid receptor blockade in heavy marijuana smokers.

Interaction between naltrexone and oral THC in heavy marijuana smokers.

CONCLUSIONS: These studies demonstrate that naltrexone increases the subjective effects of oral THC. Thus, oral THC's effects are enhanced rather than antagonized by opioid receptor blockade in heavy marijuana smokers.

Naltrexone does not block the subjective effects of oral Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol in humans


Interaction Between Opioid Antagonists and Cannabinoid Agonists Varies as a Function of Marijuana Use History

The purpose of this study was to test whether a low dose of naltrexone (12 mg) in combination with THC has the same reported reinforcing effect as a higher (50 mg) dose of naltrexone. Naltrexone (0, 12 mg) was administered 30 minutes before oral THC (0-40 mg) or methadone (0--10 mg) capsules, and subjective effects, task performance, pupillary diameter, and cardiovascular parameters were assessed in marijuana smoking (n=22) and nonmarijuana smoking (n=21) men and women. The results showed that in marijuana smokers, low-dose naltrexone blunted the intoxicating effects of a low THC dose (20 mg) while increasing ratings of anxiety at a higher THC dose (40 mg). In nonmarijuana smokers, low-dose naltrexone enhanced the intoxicating effects of a low THC dose (2.5 mg) and decreased anxiety ratings following a high dose of THC (10 mg). There were no sex differences in these interactions, although among nonmarijuana smokers, men were more sensitive to the effects of THC alone than women. To conclude, a low, opioid-selective dose of naltrexone blunted THC intoxication in marijuana smokers, while in nonmarijuana smokers, naltrexone enhanced THC intoxication. Haney, M. Opioid Antagonism of Cannabinoid Effects: Differences Between Marijuana Smokers and Nonmarijuana Smokers. Neuropsychopharmacology 2006 (e-publication ahead of print).

I'm thinking out loud if the ldn might take away the THC effects?

I found this recipe page though that Richie might want to make you items from, what the hell!

The Original Mary Jane Superweed’s Super Candy (first published 1969)

Ingredients: 1 lb. roasted cashew butter. 3/4 cut dried currents. 3-4 tsp. honey. 2 cups shredded coconut. 1/2 cup ground almond meal.

The Preparation: In a mixing bowl blend cashew butter with honey. In a flat tray mix coconut with almond meal. Roll and knead cashew honey mix in coconut-almond mix. As the cashew picks up the coconut it will become less tacky. When both are thoroughly blended spread currents on tray. Roll and knead currents into the candy. When this is done pieces can be broken off and shaped into individual candies.

To add cannabis: knead 1/2 - 1 gm of pulverized cannabis (preferably crumbly Lebanese) into each 3/4 inch cube of candy.

Alternatively use pre-prepared THC Butter.


Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
It is great news, the best.

Hi Rain,
Two hours is wonderful news, Ton will be here every week, which is great.
No sun today, too much cloud.

Hi JC,
It is brilliant that I can sit for two hours now
Hope you and your dog Bella are better now and your partner is back soon.

Hi Libby,
Its great news isn't!

Hi Stephany;
It is wonderful really is.

Hi Steve,
Great news deserves great plans, not sure Hef has enough money to pay me.
Great Dutch.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for all your great information on, tonight and tomorrow is going to be reading days.

Thanks for all your visits, links and encouragement.
Hope today was good for you too.
Have a pleasant afternoon/evening.

Webster said...

Yay Herrad!
I knew it would go well. And now work hard on two hours - it IS possible and YOU know it. Now if that coat would just arrive... I can understand that Richie is getting anxious to go out with his sweetie with him. Maybe he'll even bring Spike and Marlene along, who knows? LOL

Oh, one question? Rain or shine? Or does it matter?

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Yay Webster, jacket is here for us to try today, hope it fits me then will try to go outside this weekend.
Think Spike and Marleen wikk be along for the ride.
Have a good day.