Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nice Visit. Today.

Another good night’s sleep last night, although I did wake Richie once in the early hours, think it was around 4 am.

The THC helped me back to sleep after a short while, was surprised to hear it was 11 am when I woke up again.

Sat today, but not for as long as I wanted to as a friend was visiting, it was extremely good to see Toos.

Met her here in 1982, her birthday is the day after mine on 18 of March, unlike another friend Lucy, who is precisely 6 months younger, Toos does not tell me that she is a day younger than me.

Lucy used to tell me often that she is 6 months younger than I am.

She does not have to say anything these days as I just think it for her, guess that is how brain washing works.

Found out how brain washing affect children too, when Carole and her son were here, found out much to our surprise that her son would only eat food from Tesco.

Baked beans had to have the Tesco label; he also liked bean burgers from Burger King, and had to go there at least once a week.

Heard his mother moaning about Burger King, so I just said ‘I wonder where he gets the money from’ she went pink and dropped the topic and her son giggled

While he was here he watched Richie cooking, and he was especially interested in how bread and pizza were made as well as ice cream and curries and cakes.

The year after pizza and salad with balsamic vinegar were his favourites and burgers were right out, glad to think that my comment has helped him to like good food.

A very pleasant visit with Toos, she was here for nearly two hours, great fun chatting and having a good laugh.

Nice to see her looking well, Richie and the dogs have just gone for a walk around the park, sadly not on the bike as the lift is again not working.

Looking forward to a fine dinner of cauliflower cheese and baked potatoes and tomatoes and mushrooms and for me two lamb sausages.

Yummy a tasty Thursday treat.


Libby said...

herrad, that's really good that you got a small child interested in good food! the earlier they start eating healthy, the better! obesity here in the us is so bad! i don't know about amsterdam...

Libby said...

herrad, i just looked at a world time clock, and you're 6 hours ahead of me, i'm in the eastern part of the us

Ana said...

Have a great day Herrad!

Joan said...

It is nice to have a chat with old friends. I never see any of mine now as we moved to another village, its not far away but you do lose touch. Feel down about it at times I tried phoning but was left to do so all the time so eventually I gave up. Sorry I did not mean to rant on your blog. Glad you are sleeping better it does make the day better too. Love Joamn

Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
It was good to get him interested in eating well.
In Amsterdam I believe people who eat alot of processed and fast food are overweight.

Radagast said...

Hey. Just dropped by to say "hi and bye" - I'm giving up on this blogging business, I think. It was becoming increasingly difficult to motivate myself to reach out.

Be well.


Herrad said...

Hi Libby,
Thanks for the time difference, good to know.

Hi Ana,
Today was good, hope yours was too.
Wonder what the time difference is between us?

Hi Joan,
Feel free to come over and rant if you need to.
You are right sleep makes life better.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for coming by, sad to hear you maybe stopping, hope not.
But if you need you then you should.
Take it easy.

Thanks everyone for coming by, your visits and comments are appreciated.
Hope today was a good day for you and tomorrow will be good tool.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad,
what a joy to read again about your happyness. Even here the day was filled with much sunshine and not a single drop of rain.
Stefan, even though being just two years of age, loves Sauerkraut very much and shares this with his dad - Greece, not being the perfect place to find it, demands to get it from Germany, where I will spend three days from tomorrow.
Is there any Sauerkraut in Amsterdam?
A wonderful Friday for you all!

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad!

I think the menu ideas for the young person were great.

Dinner sounds like it was very good, you look very beautiful in your sitting photos.


Stan said...

Dear Herrad:

It was great to see those pictures of you sitting up in the chair. It honestly brought great joy to my day.

Your blog is always such a follicle roller-coaster ride of photo expression archived for each to behold in wonderment; which in-turn is really a great reflection of the wonderful person you are behind this montage' of art and life.

I hope your days are going well; as those around you shine back the caring and love you give forth so freely; as with each horizon's bright colorful expression gifted unto each of us.

Your Pal,

Stan said...

Hey, don't need to post this comment OK. I left you something on my blog

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Good to see your comment, they call sauerkraut here zuurkool and they eat alot in the winter time, especially lots.
Dinner was good and so was sitting.

Hi Stephany,
It was funny how he liked pizza and balsamic vinegar on salads and only homemade ice cream, from the Italian cafe in Swansea or Richie's.
Our dinner was very good.

Hi Stan,
Thanks for your beautiful comment that made my day and continues to do so every time I read it.
You are wonderful friend Stan thanks for your visit, feels like my blog has had a colorful beautiful visit which leaves us all hoping and wanting more such glorious visits.
How could I not publish especially as you wrote a whole post about me.
Blimey....all about me. wow!

Thanks everyone for coming by and visiting my blog.
Have a good day today.