Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Sunless Sunday In July.

Still Life.
Alfano Dardari.

Today is another cool grey overcast sunless day, such a shame we are not getting a pleasant summer again this year.

Spring was gorgeous so probably should not complain, as I did enjoy going out in a t-shirt without many layers of clothes. 

I prefer going out in less layers, as they take ages for Richie to put on me, they add more than 30 minutes to every journey.

Its quiet here right now, it is summer holiday time, the Fijnout theatre is closed, so no loud parties not until September.

Willis, our ex neighbour told me that because of the cuts to public spending, the theatre like many others is losing their subsidy.         

The Fijnout theatre will fuse with another theatre, they and everyone else will
move out.

The building will be sold at the end of the year and in January it will be rebuilt, refurbished and turned into a hotel and disco.

What a shame that terrible mismanagement and now the cuts have finally closed down the last remnants of what was once community based projects.

Apart from the theatre, there used to be a printer’s workshop, cycle repair workplace, a computer collective and a community cafĂ©, the Fijnhout is the last to go.  


Webster said...

All the better that you have been offered the new apartment, then. A disco across the street? Well, they may have it set up so the street noise won't be too bad as it IS a hotel, too. I wouldn't mind living across from, or near, a bakery! That's my kind of neighbor.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
I agree a bakery would be wonderful accross the road instead of a hotel/disco.
I hope a place with a garden is possible this autumn.

janis said...

happening here too. such a shame. so many fine theaters, Mom & Pop shops, small business' disappearing. Hubby & I try not to shop the big chains so much & go to the independents as much a s possible. Especially love old theaters.
Sorry for the Sunless days... I believe we are hogging the sun as it is swelteringly hot and sunny. Actually would love a gray day so I could have some heat relief.
Happy August to you!

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Shame that there are theater closures in he USA too.
Great to hear you support indepenant shops, that is so good for your community.
Have a pleasant day.