Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Beautiful Visit From A Special Friend.

Steve from The Wheel of Fortuna from Texas, USA, came round to visit us this afternoon and it was wonderful to see him, really good to get a big hug from him.

He gave me a favourite batik scarf of BobRobert's that was made by his best friend Gina.

I am very touched to have something of BobRobert’s; it smelled wonderful which was how BobRobert smelled.

So I got not only something that was BobRobert’s but had his perfume on it too, that is very special to me.

It was so normal and even ordinary to have Steve come by today, but it was anything but ordinary it was extraordinary and very moving to have the pleasure of Steve's visit.

Steve bought a bottle of prosecco and we ate some freshly baked bread rolls, I ate a French croissant and cheese and some of the two pepper jam and jelly Steve had brought from the USA for us.

We chatted and laughed and listened to music, after 3 hours of pleasant company Steve went back to his hotel to rest.

We had a delightful meal that Richie had prepared earlier, for the first time in ages I sat and ate in the front room which was very good indeed.

A nice way to end a good day, made so much better for seeing Steve, a dream come true.

Will get Richie to pop me back into bed soon as I have been sitting for hours now.

Hope Steve has a pleasant evening in Amsterdam and a pleasant time in Paris tomorrow hope his flight on Saturday goes well and he has a safe landing back home

Bon voyage Steve


mortonlake said...

awww herrad,how lovely for glad.take care love mort xx

Richie said...

A very special day. You look so wonderful. The most beautiful smile I have ever seen.

Muffie said...

That's so fantastic, Herrad. I'm glad Steve gave you BR's scarf so you'll have a part of him with you. By the way, you look absolutely beautiful in those photos!! Glad it all went well. Now rest up for your next new adventure!

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,
A special afternoon, great meeting Steve.

Hi Richie,
A very special day made even better by you.

Meeting Steve was very special.

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great visit-- so HAPPY for you!



Anonymous said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy you all met and had a great time!!! You look so pretty Herrad!!! Love the red!!! :))))

Vicki said...

Great day! How beautiful you look, and how strong you are sitting up!

Glad to hear it. Much love to you and Richie.

~Erin~ said...

Wonderful pictures of such a beautiful lady!! Glad you had a great day!!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

So wonderful you had a really peak day. Magical. Love, Mary

Peace Be With You said...

You look radiant and beautiful.

Stephany said...

Herrad you look amazing, stunning in fact! This post has made my day, I am very happy for you, Steve and Richie to have spent such a great time together.

Beautiful, just beautiful.


Amrita said...

Wow that was wonderful. You look lovely and so hapy. So glad to see you enjoying yourself Herrad

Webster said...

What a wonderful afternoon you got to spend with Steve. And you, my dear, look marvelous with your red hair and a touch of makeup. Color suits you. When you go out, hopefully soon, you'll knock 'em dead!

steve said...

Thank you for opening your home and listening to me reminisce about BR.

Herrad - you look fantastic!

Richie - best rolls and cheese I've had in a good while. And no, your shirt didn't go unnoticed. :-)

Spike and Marleen - Pigeon!

JC said...

That's just fabulous that you actually got to see and talk with him.

Herrad said...

Hi Muffie,
It was fantastic seeing Steve, the scarf is a pretty thing a lovely memento of a beautiful man.

Hi Jen,
It was a great having Steve visit us.

Hi Rain,
It was a fabulous day.
The red hair is great, feel lot better now.

Hi Vicki,
Brilliant day.

Hi Erin,
I had a great day seeing Steve here visiting us.

Hi Mary,
It was magical.

Hi Judy,
I felt radiant and beautiful.

Hi Stephany,
It was a truly magical visit.

Hi Amrita,
I enjoyed myself tremendously.

Hi Webster,
It was a wonderful and magical afternoon with a special friend.

Hi Steve,
It was a pleasure having you visit.
A really special visit, you are always welcome here.
It was wonderful talking with you and sharing some time together.
A dream come true, you are a very special person.

Hi JC,
It was fabulous seeing and talking to Steve

Thanks everyone for coming by.
It was a wonderful day yesterday, a magical day.
The world is full of lovely people like all you dear friends.
I feel very fortunate to have met you.
Big hugs.