Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Looking Forward To What Happens Next.

Impressionist Art.

Been a slow dreamy day today, still can't believe that I am waiting for yet another skin tear to heal.

Guess that is how it is going to be as my skin is very sensitive, scary that one little thing can happen and I am back in bed, full time, waiting for it to heal.

Ton from the RCA, phoned me today to say that he will be here tomorrow, good for him to look and give us his opinion.

Amazing really as only last Friday Ton called and asked how things were going and I said good, I even asked Richie.

Who said that the skin looked very good and healthy and then sadly two days later it had been damaged.

We were both shocked and massively disappointed and very nearly both burst into floods of tears.

We talked about it and how disappointing it is and how we would not let it drag us down, that getting really down and depressed was not the way to go.

Richie told me he had felt like howling, we cried together which helped ease the tension and got me focussed on what is important.

Which is staying optimistic and looking out for all the moments that I can go out and enjoy moving around in my wheelchair.

Have just learned something again and that is that I need to seize the moments and enjoy them, that I must not put anything off for an ideal moment

The weather is slowly getting better here now; hope that it steadily gets nicer and that this latest skin tear will heal quickly and I can be sitting in my wheelchair and rolling down the road before too long.

Glad that this did not happen last week Thursday when Steve from The Wheel of Fortuna came to visit us.


I am looking forward to what happens next.


Kris said...

HI Herrad! Hope everything works out and that you can get back up and out there!

love, Kris

Anonymous said...

Very great outlook Herrad, and I'm glad you both got the disappointment out and moved on...can't be easy. I wish you an ultra speedy recovery.

Muffie said...

So sorry to hear that the skin has broken again. I wish there were a way you could prevent that from happening. Stay positive and I'm sure your sunny outlook will help the healing process.

Denver Refashionista said...

Good reminder, don't waste a moment. I keep finding myself waiting... You are always an inspiration.

Dan Digmann said...

Hi, Herrad. I hope things continue to get better for you. Jennifer and I will be thinking of you and praying for a quick recovery. Dan

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad: Sorry to read about the skin tear but glad it is not as bad as last year's sore.

I am hopeful that this will be a short recovery and you will be back in your chair in no time.

Great video of Bike Rush hour that Steve took while he was there.

Left a note on Richie's blog too.


Herrad said...

Hi Kris,
That is the plan hope it happens soon.

Hi Rain,
Seems like it could be a quick recovery too.

Hi Muff,
I am hoping that it will be quicker to heal this time as it is ha;halfway healed now already.

Hi Nadja,
It was a good reminder to stop waiting for the perfect moment.

Hi Dan,
We are hoping the same, as we want to go outside and enjoy the good weather.

Hi Anne,
It is nothing compared to last year.
This is a scratch that was mega deep.

Thanks all you dear friends for coming by.
According to Ton it should not be long before it heals and I can ,go outside.
Have a good afternoon and evening.