Sunday, May 09, 2010

Life Is Like A Wheel Of Fortune

El Lissitzky.


Keeping cheerful despite the weather not getting noticeably better, it is still dull and cloudy with no sunshine to be seen.

Yesterday there was no sunshine all day and not even at the end of the afternoon, which usually happens after a dull sunless day.

There often is a last hurrah as the sun bursts forth right at the last minutes possible, only for the light to fade quite dramatically.

Yesterday even this did not happen and today looks like it could end in lots of rain which could mean that the temperature is rising.

Would be good if the warmer weather started to happen now, but on the other hand we could have a colder spring and summer, as that is also part of the global warming scenario.

My arms are very painful and stiff these days, notice how useful the handle dangling over my bed is for pulling my shoulders off the bed and this helps to stretch my arms out.

This helps me to stretch my arms out so that I could do my arm exercises which in turn help me use my hands and arms.

I find it very scary that my hand and arm function can get worse and then stop altogether; I am hoping that this moment does not happen for a long time yet.

Can see that if that does happen and I have the possibility to keep communicating and can still go out then life is still very worthwhile for me.

I think I need to be aware of how things can go without getting too involved with it now that I am living as if it were my reality now.

Think that being aware of what could happen is important but living in the moment this moment is even more important.

If I do not I could end up being totally terrified and so much so that I would not be able to enjoy what I have around me right now.

Looking ahead to this coming week there are lots of reasons to be happy, tomorrow I have a meeting with my occupational therapist Johanneke.

Wednesday afternoon Anja will be visiting again and Thursday Steve from The Wheel of Fortuna will be visiting us and Marianne will visit on Friday and Cecile may come by too.

A good week indeed.

Looking forward to Thursday and Steve’s visit very much, it is brilliant that we have all been giving Steve so much support since his beloved partner BobRobert died.

Important we keep supporting him in these first difficult weeks hope you will visit The Wheel of Fortuna and leave Steve supportive messages.

Richie is going to cut my hair and toenails and henna my hair and then shower me and once this is done I intend to enjoy today, I also intend to take it easy today.


mortonlake said...

concentrate on all the positive things you can still enjoy herrad.have a good day,take care love mort.and say hi to steve when you meet him for me please. xxx

Herrad said...

Hi Mort
Lovely to get your comment.
You are right I will enjoy what I can.
Have a good day.

Patrick@Caregivingly Yours said...

Herrad! Powerful entry about how MS can increasingly isolate even restrict communication. It is difficult to "know" on the outside. You are blessed with that knight in white armor, Richie.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

Stephany said...

As always, Herrad, you inspire those reading to enjoy the moments as they happen, inspite of your MS limiting your body, it certainly can never steal your wise and compassionate spirit.

Your week ahead sounds very wonderful, lots of good times to come this week for sure.


Anonymous said...

I think that focusing on anything that could happen in the future is not a good thing because we can't control it whatsoever. We're under the false assumption that we are invincible sometimes. I've heard some people mocking those who try to live in the moment, but I find it's the best way to enjoy life and feel gratitude! :)

Herrad said...

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
You are right MS is a great isolator, that is why we must do everything to stop that happening.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your kind comment and visit.
This week is even better because of Steve's visit on Thursday.

Hi Rain.
You are so right that focusing on what might happen is not good as we can not control something that may or may not happen

Thanks all three of you lovely proper for coming by and cleaving your comments.
Have a good evening.