Saturday, May 08, 2010

Exciting Prospects.


Wassily Kandinsk

Another grey and cold and cloudy day with no sign of sunshine whatsoever and no prospect of any positive changes today.

Could be wrong as the weather is very prone to being changeable here more so than inland, here we are close to the sea.

Richie has nipped to the market to get the shopping done quickly and get back home in the warm.

Noticed the weather was not good by the fact the nuts in the bird feeder have gone from over half full yesterday to barely a quarter fell today.

Wonder if the parrots were here early this morning and just ate and ate and then the little
birds took over again.

It is just gone 3 pm and now there are no birds to be seen, feels like a winter’s day when the light starts to fade after 3 pm.

Feels wintery today especially as we have the heating on, last May was unexpectedly nice and warm and sunny.

Very excited that Steve from The Wheel of Fortuna will visit us next week Thursday, brilliant that he is coming here too.

Feels special it is something I never thought could ever happen not in reality and only in a fantasy.

Please visit Steve's blog and leave him a supportive message.

In June, on 2 June a good friend of ours, Nur will be over from Texas, we were colleagues at Euronet, he was one of their network engineers.

He wants to see if there is a chance of work here and needs somewhere to stay while he job hunts.

Should be good fun having him stay for abit with us, have to accept that Nur staying means lots of fr5un and lots of teasing.

About how I always steal all the mangos and that I adore David Hasselhoff and Barry Manilow.

I am from Trinidad and love mangos, that is true but the other two no not ever could they be my favourites.

But once Nur got a reaction from me he has decided he hit pay dirt and the jokes became endless.

Nevertheless it will be good to see him again after 5 years in Texas, we saw him for the last time at Christmas and New Year 2004.



Rain said...

David Hasselhoff?? LOL...omg Herrad, how did he get you on that one? I think you have a secret crush on The Hoff, but don't want to admit it! Hee hee! ;-))

Muffie said...

No, you really don't strike me as a fan of either! Too funny! You're so lucky that you will be meeting up with Steve. I see on his blog how much he thinks of you. It should be a very emotional visit. Be sure to let us know how it goes. Take care.

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Nur is a rotteon teasell, he is like a cracked record but we love him so..............

Hi Muff,
Its great that Steve is coming here to meet us.

Thanks both of you for coming by.
Have a good day.