Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tomorrow Is Another Day.

The Glasgow School.

Have been taking it easy today as I am very tired and have not been anywhere, hope to have a different day tomorrow.

Hope the weather will be better tomorrow and the rain will have stopped then.

Some days the news is too depressing, like since the beginning of the week, when police in Bradford, England announced that they were looking for three missing women.

The next announcement was they were holding a man in custody on suspicion of being connected with the women’s disappearance.

Guess like many others when it first was on the news, I hoped that the women would be found safe and well.

Hoped this even as they news came that body parts were found, and yesterday the police confirmed the body parts were of the woman that went missing on Monday.

The man they were holding has now been remanded in custody to prison, on suspicion of murdering one woman and maybe all three women.

The women all had worked as prostitutes and all had drug and alcohol problems, all will be sorely missed by their family and friends.

What makes thus news even worse is the fact that Bradford is the town that Peter Sutcliff terrorised with his brutal murders of thirteen women, some of whom were prostitutes in the 1970’s.

He was known as the Yorkshire Ripper, the recent news has brought all the old traumas back for the town to the surface again.

Still hoping the other two women will be found, but guess that is wishful thinking on my part, especially as they seem to have found more body parts.

At the moment because the sex trade is illegal, the workers can not ask for police protection as then they would be arrested.

If only both the drugs and the sex trade were legalised then both could be controlled, as it stands there are many people working in the sex trade who need both drugs to endure their work.

The only silver linings in this story are that people are being brought together in their disbelief at this horrible news.

Tomorrow is another day hope to roll around then and it is warm and dry.


Lille Diane said...

News like this is horrific, and saddens me, too. I try not to watch news because it either makes me mad or sad. Rarely do the stations report GOOD news. Over here the BP oil spill in the Gulf is the current top story. I am so upset by it and cannot imagine the devastating consequences that will overtake our ocean wildlife and coastal habitats let alone all the industries that will be affected.

Herrad, I'm giving you a great big hug & hope the sun will come out soon. You are a ray of sunshine for all of us...did you know that??? XXOOXXOO loved the art you posted! hugzzzzzzzzz

Herrad said...

Hi Lille Diane,
Really good to see your comment, thanks for coming by and giving me a big boost.
Big hugs.
ps glad you like xthe pictures.

Anonymous said...

As I don't watch any TV for the last nearly four years, did not know.
Have to admit that there's a huge amount of both, drugs and sex trafficing in this city.
Wishing you a wonderful start into the new week, thanking you for always getting "me feet back on the ground".

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Good to see your comment, hope you have a pleasant day today.