Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Being Aware

Gareth's Photos From Wales.

Another day of brief glimpses of sun that soon vanishes under another huge cloud until the cloud cover is like a lid on the whole city.

Shame it is not better weather especially for the public holidays such as Queen's Day last Friday and tomorrow Liberation Day, where they commemorate the end of World War 2.

This is only a public holiday every five years, so getting this off is a big deal here and then everyone wants good weather.

As they will want on the two remaining public holiday which are Accession Day on 13 May and Whitsun Monday on 24 May.

After that there are no more public holidays until Christmas and New Year, they have 8 public holidays here every five years and otherwise there are only 7 per year.

That is why I was in shock when I was first here and found out you do not get a day in lieu as you do in the UK when a public holiday falls on a weekend.

A very dour approach to life which is very Dutch I think, as is the attempt to not show off if you have wealth by dressing down and often downright dowdy.

Moving here made it clear that while there were and are many similarities between The Netherlands and The UK there are also a lot of differences.

Still find myself being surprised when I discover some new information, especially as I have been here now since 1981.

The only time I spent away was term time at Hillcroft College and Middlesex University between 1991 and 1996, I was here in Amsterdam every holiday I could be here.

Yesterday I made a page on Face Book called Save The Vietnamese Rhinoceros, thought it was a good way to give this more publicity.

Think that it may sadly not help the Vietnamese Rhinoceros but if it helps make people more aware then that can't be a bad thing.

We all need to be aware of our impact on the planet and the long term effects if we carry on as we are now.

Mutual support is something I believe passionately in and think it is crucial for us all and our mutual well being and ultimately our survival.

That is why I feel it is important we keep giving Steve @ The Wheel of Fortuna our support

Especially after the Memorial for BobRobert on Saturday in Belcher, now in these next weeks is the time when the grieving for BobRobert will really start.

Hope we can keep giving the support we have been giving Steve,

Please vist


And leave a supportive message to let him know he is not alone.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Nice photos as usual and I appreciate your updates and observations every day.Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that you started an FB page for the rhinos. I am also quite passionate about the Earth and wildlife. Every task, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for reading and being so supportive.

Hi Rain,
Glad you like the fb page for the Vietnamese Rhino.
Thanks both of you for coming by really appreciate your visits.

Anonymous said...

Dear Herrad, hopefully you are fine. Guess it took me a while to "become aware" of the great depth and honesty you are able to give - and that I can't escape me a things.
Please have a wonderful Wednesday.
p.s.: Weatherwise, you might only imagine how much i long for rain to fall.

Ana said...

Hi Herrad!
Just came to say I don't forget you.
Not being in a good period.
But it will go away.
Love you...

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your visit and thoughtful comment.
I can well imagine you want rain if already its so hot there.
And now all the heat from the anger against the government.

Hi Ana,
Thanks for your visit,never thought you had forgotten me nor could I ever forget you.
Hope that your life improves soon.

Thanks both of you dear friends for coming by and leaving a comment.
Have a good Thursday.