Sunday, May 16, 2010

Enjoying this moment in time and looking forward to many more

Texas Art.

Looks like the weather will be getting better next week which is brilliant news as I am longing to sit in the sun.

Tomorrow is the appointment with Summit for the final adjustments to the back of the chair and I can choose the material I like for the cover.

The chair will be taken away for a day for the cover to be put on, and then it will not be such a struggle to put the straps for the hoist on me.

Been thinking a lot about Steve after his wonderful visit to us on Thursday, keep thinking about what he posted about BobRobert’s Memorial.

How BobRobert always found and made new friends wherever he went and how he cherished his friends.

Steve says that if he had to pick a one thing that summed up BobRobert’s life, it would be to hold the ones you love close and tight, and to never stop looking for people to love.

That is an excellent message, and one I do believe in quite passionately, think it is important to build communities of friends.

At age 11, I lost all my friends and all my extended family, 11 is sometimes not the easiest to make friends, usually at age 11 you move from Junior school to Senior school and you do so with your friends.

Perhaps that is why when I made friends I tried to keep in touch, I met my first best friend again in 1997 from 1954 when we were 3,

I am still in touch with Pam, a friend from a lovely yoga holiday in Devon in 1973, it is lovely to exchange the occasional mail with her.

It was a great holiday in a lovely house run by a very interesting woman called Dinah, who grew her own vegetables and fruit, baked her own bread, made her own muesli and yoghurt.

Just writing this has brought it all back so vividly, can see Pam and me scrambling up the steep path back to the house after indulging in a cream tea or a drink at the pub.

Lovely memories hope to make some more this summer.

Life is still good, even though it is also full of frustrations, like when I wake in the mornings and become aware again that I can do nothing but lie here.

It is a strange feeling lying on my back aware that on my own I would be able to do nothing more than that

Luckily I have Richie and we have a few aids like the bed, the hoist, the shower chair, that elevates, and the Motomed, exercise machine and the electric wheelchair

And more important for me is the fact that I am positive and I see and accept that despite my handicaps I feel that I am no less a woman than I was before MS.

Glad that I have accepted this as I had such a lot of problems at the beginning where I felt not only physically diminished but also less of a person.

As if I no longer had any value think that had much to do with no longer being able to work anymore.

Now I can see that human value has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with humanity and community.

Being aware right now of enjoying this moment in time and looking forward to many more


Anonymous said...

It's such a mind game when we get sick. Yes, our bodies suffer physically, but it's what we think of ourselves that can make everything so negative and hopeless isn't it? I accepted recently that I have these limitations, I can't change them, so I will just have to live with them. No point in always seeing the bad side of things because time is just too short for that. I'm capable of doing whatever I want, despite the limitations, just maybe in a different way from others who don't suffer my own disorders right?

Stephany said...

Herrad, it really is a privelege to read your thoughts, you're a wise person, and a wonderful person.

I'll always remember what I've learned from you, without ever meeting, though that would be nice!

HUGS and thanks


Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Totally agree with you, we can do anything we want if we are positive.
Life is indeed short so we need to enjoy it now.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your kind comment,I usually do not know what I am going tol post about it just evolves organically.
Would be brilliant to meet and who knows, nice to have a dream.

Thank you two special friends for coming by.

Bibliotekaren said...

This post touched me in many ways. It's a good reminder to reach out to the new especially when the old is slipping away.

Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
I agree we have to keep renewing ourselves especially when the old is slipping away.