Friday, May 28, 2010

Silver Linings Even in the Strangest of Circumstances.

Joseph William Mallord Turner.

Woke up almost quietly this morning which was rather nice for a change, hate waking up distressed and in pain.

It’s bad enough that it wakes me up, but that it also wakes Richie up to is really shit, I hate that it does.

Wish that I could do something to stop myself making such a racket every morning and waking up my darling Richie.

It was a very pleasant day, Mathilde was here for our Thursday physiotherapy session and Marianne popped by for a cup of tea which was very nice.

Had a pleasant time with her and we chatted about all sorts and both of us felt better at the end of the visit.

After Marianne went I spent time listening to the radio and playing free cell, then I started to feel a tiny bit warm.

When it went from feeling a tiny bit warm to boiling hot I asked Richie to check whether the catheter was working well.

It seemed to be but when Richie laid me down and checked he discovered that it was just slipping out.

Probably happened when I had a huge spasm, at first it was difficult for Richie to pop it back in but he got the catheter back in eventually.

Richie had to get me out of bed again, as a small amount of urine had leaked out, so I was hoisted out of bed for the second time.

Once in the bathroom it became clear that I desperately needed to have more than a pee, it could have been even worse to wake up in the middle of the night in a bed full of urine and crap.

So somehow a misfortune turned into good fortune as we averted something even more unpleasant.

As soon as Richie showered me again and dried and dressed me I felt restored to my former glory.

Once I was returned to bed, we both enjoyed the delicious lasagne my darling had made, I felt 100 times better and could relax and enjoy the evening and my Richie’s company.

Strange that one crisis averted a bigger one; there are always silver linings even in the strangest of circumstances.


Anonymous said...

what a sweet post...I am so glad you woke up without horrendous pain this a.m. I am wishing you many more mornings like this..Richie is a true mensch. you are true grace under pressure...

Peace and Love,

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Wonderful pictures. Glad you can look past the trials and tribulations. Richie does a great job. Love, Mary

Denver Refashionista said...

You are an amazing and beautiful person.

Herrad said...

Hi Juli,
Thanks for your visit and kind comment.
Nice to have met you and your blog.

Hi Mary,
Its amazing how there is always something positive in a bad situation.
Richie is wonderful.

Hi Nadja,
Thanks for your sweet comments.

Thanks you 3 dear friends for coming by.
Have a pleasant weekend.