Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Supportive Messages Are Worth More Than Gold.

Abstract Art.

Another cold dreary looking day, the heating is on and Richie has put on his long johns again so guess it does not just look cold it is cold too.

Been listening to the post election hoo-ha now that the Liberal Democrats have decided to go in with the Conservatives.

I give this endeavour a year to run and think that there will be a new election in a year's time maybe 18 months.

Whatever happens there will be one and the next time I doubt that the Liberal Democrats will be voted in and neither will the Conservatives.

The Conservatives thought all they had to do was to turn up and they would win, they and David Cameron thought he would win by a huge landslide to him and the Conservatives.

But this did not happen, there was no landslide for the Conservatives, the Labour voters still voted Labour and had Brown and his team not made so many mistakes they would have won again

So the only thing Cameron could do was form a coalition with the Liberals Democrats, which is now in place in England.

There first day, hope they enjoy it and the next year maybe year and half in government before the next election.

Just heard a political commentatror expexts there to be another general election in September.

Labour despite having the worse government and leader still managed to get alot of seats, as well as denying the Conservatives crucial seats.

Labour controls all the cites and built up areas, Conservatives have the rural constituencies, nothing in Scotland and a few in Wales.

I think Labour will regroup and come back and do well at the next election where they will get the majority of the votes and no blame for the disasters which may ensue from this new government.

Think after this detour into the fantasy world of English politics I shall be very happy to be here and now in Amsterdam.

We are both getting very excited now about meeting Steve from The Wheel of Fortuna here tomorrow.

Hope that the weather gets better and it is a warm and sunny day just been visiting Steve@ ‘The Wheel of Fortuna and left a happy landings message,

Hope you will visit Steve regularly and leave him supportive messages.


TrailerPark said...

Love your blog. Interesting posts and so much COLOR! And, it's cold here in the Boogerwoods (West Virginia), too!

Herrad said...

Hi Trailerpark
Thanks for coming by.
Hope to see you again.
Glad you like my blog