Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wonderful Words.

This weekend got better when Richie told me on Saturday morning that the tiny wound was healed over, what wonderful words.

We agreed we would wait to see Ton on Wednesday before I sat again and let him confirm that it has healed up and it is safe to sit again.

I can’t wait to sit again and now I am confident that I shall be able to do this next week, which is an excellent perspective.

Must remember to take it easy and build up the sitting time so that the skin does not get too much pressure too quickly.

Will mail Michelle, my counsellor and get her to make an appointment with Summit for them to pick up the wheelchair and get it covered so that the wheelchair looks good.

Be nice to have the wheelchair covered at last, then this long drawn out adaptation process will be finally over and there won’t be anymore stressful appointments.

Hearing Richie tell me that the wound had healed was really a great moment; suddenly the summer took a turn for the better.

I am so very happy that I too will be able to enjoy this summer and can go out and do not need to spend the entire summer in my bed.

Been realising that despite being optimistic, that I had also been extremely depressed which seems a strange almost unreal mix.

It was real for me, only realised recently that I had not been expecting to live much beyond summer this year.

See now that that is not true, as right now there is no danger of me dying and yet in 2008 and last year I never expected to live much longer than this summer.

Quite a shock to realise that those thoughts were depressed thoughts and no wonder that I was depressed, think anyone would be if they had to spend such a long time in bed.

Funny that it is only now with hindsight hat I can see how I felt about being in bed 24/7.

Good job I managed to also be optimistic, sure that got me through these difficult times, that and Richie’s love and care and all the friendship and support from friends here and in the blog world.

Looking forward to sitting up in my wheelchair on Wednesday and hopefully going outside in the afternoon on Wednesday.

Wonderful words make for happy days.


Lisa Emrich said...

I'm so glad that you are looking into the future beyond this summer. It has been an extraordinarily long journey and you have weathered this storm with a strong spirit.


Stephany said...

YAY!!! I'm glad you got through the dark times with your great optimism too, Herrad.

I hope you and Richie have a wonderful summer, full of new and wonderful memories.


weeble said...

WooHoo. I'm excited for you for Wednesday.

I can understand your undercurrent of depression while you were bedridden for so long. May your skin "live long and prosper".

Anonymous said...

That's great Herrad that you can enjoy the summer out of bed! :)
I know what you mean about hindsight...when I think of the last 7 years, I'm really in shock at how I viewed life as well. Back in 2003, I didn't think I'd be alive today to be honest, but yes, the optimism makes a hell of a difference when you're fighting those terrible mental demons. I'm glad you can see it now, it's almost like an epiphany that makes you stronger!

Have Myelin? said...

I would think those thoughts (and probably worse ones too) if I was in bed that long. Your optimism shines through even during your darkest hours Herrad. Always.

I am happy for you. =)

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your kind comment and for coming by, both really appreciated.
Big hugs.