Monday, May 03, 2010

Pretty Happy.

Weird Art.

Had en exciting afternoon sitting in the front room with Richie and the dogs, it is another grey cold and very wet day.

Ideal for spending time at home, it was good fun being out there with Richie, the dogs sat one on either side of me which was cute.

This morning they were both up on my bed and it was very amiable which was very sweet of them to be so nice to each other on my bed.

The dogs sitting so sweetly next to each other without a jealous hissy fit was brilliant, especially Spike as he spends most time up on my bed.

Had some exciting news and that is that Ruud from Summit will come here on 17 May and do the final alterations and then he will take it to his workplace and cover it.

Will have to do without my electric wheelchair for 3 days then I get it back covered which Richie reckons will make it easier to get the lifting straps and jackets on me.

In return I should get a smart wheelchair with good arm rests and bright red seating and backrest.

Can hardly wait for this, it will be nicer to be got in and out in the electric wheelchair without too much strain and stress.

That has my preference and once the material is put over the foam it will not be so resistant to getting a jacket on or off.

Despite it being a grey day it has been fun being up out of bed and sitting in the front room.

Jenny from the Rehabilitation Clinic gave cus a pleasant surprise by bringing us the supprt cushions she said she would make last Wednesday round for me so soon.

An excellent surprise, they are installed around me now and seem to work well and give me the support that I need.

So all in all feel pretty happy that I am being so well looked after these days, the people from the RCA are very good at giving us the help we need.

Mutual support is very important for us all that is why it is important we keep giving Steve @ The Wheel of Fortuna support

Especially now after the Memorial for BobRobert on Saturday in Belcher, this is the time when the grieving for BobRobert will really start.

Hope we can keep givng the support we have been giving Steve, please vist

and leave a supportive message to let him know he is not alone.

Could you also please spare a thought for another species, the Vietnamese Rhinoceros.

Visit the website

And help save the Vietnamese Rhinoceros


Travelogue for the Universe said...

This is good and shows all your hard work and great supports. Have a great week! Love, Mary

Rain said...

Wonderful that you got the cushions early! The dogs must be so happy to have their mommy with them in the front room, I'm sure they're quite proud!!! :))) I wish I could send you some mountain's 20 degrees and sunny here.

Gareth said...

Greetings H@R,lovley to read that you had a nice day despite the weather ( here we had it cold but sun can through in the afternoon) cant wait to see the pics of your newly coverd chair. Nice to hear that the doggies are getting on and no Hissyfits:) BIG LOVE G@PXXX

mortonlake said...

glad things a tiny bit better herrad. love mort x

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
My days are better now.
Hope your week is good too.

Hi Gareth,
The weather is still not better yet.
W/chair will be covered in the week of 17 May I hope.

Hi Rain,
The cushions are good, the dogs love me being mobile.

Hi Mort,
Its good things are getting better.

Thanks everyone for coming by and leaving your comments.
Life is getting better now which is good.
Life is looking good.
Have a good week.