Monday, May 31, 2010

Every Moment Is Precious.

Art Deco.

Yesterday had a moment of panic as I thought that I had mistakenly deleted a post, found out that I had not done so.

What I had done on my Dutch blog was put two posts on the same day, in the not so distant past I would have freaked out and been convinced that I had totally made a mess of everything.

Was so pleased with myself for not getting in a huge panic and getting myself all upset for nothing really.

Instead I opened a mail and scrolled down to check on my posts, made a list of the days and the titles and soon could see that they were all there.

So no harm done which made me even happier that I had not had one of those panic stricken meltdown.

Good to see and feel the benefits from staying calm, have been noticing that this has been happening quite often recently.

Instead of getting into a huge flap, I have managed to be calm and things have been sorted without tears ands sorted out much quicker too.

Sunday was not the day that I had expected as it rained most of the day, at one point it was torrential rain coming straight down as there was no wind.

Towards the end of the afternoon it got dry and it was briefly warm enough to open the window which was very pleasant.

Decided to go and visit some other blogs, was reading quite happily until I visited

Jane @ A Journey of Another Kind

And read that she has died what a shock as only Friday I read that she was so happy at being home again after yet another stay at hospital.

I guessed from the moment Mort posted about her last year, that she might not have long but it is still a hell of a shock to find how short it was.

Expected to go there and read about Jane being at home again, she was an incredibly brave woman who enjoyed every moment she could.

That is all we can do, I had another look at the video on her blog where she talks of the importance of enjoying all that you can.

She said she felt she had been given extra time and was going to enjoy every minute, feel that my resolve to do just that has been strengthened by hearing Jane’s voice.

Thanks Jane for reminding me again of the importance of making the best and most out of every moment we have.

Light A Candle For Jane.


Amelia said...

RIP Jane, life is so precious XxXxX

Hi Herrad,
How are you doing? I'm back writing posts on my blog,
and happy to be doing so!
I hope you & Richie are well, I think of you often.
I'm busy organising & rehearsing for a fundraising concert that Martin & I are doing for MS - please drop by & read about it etc!
Take care & speak soon
Love & hugs
Amelia XxXxX

Nancy said...

RIP, Jane. And blessings to you, too, Herrad.

mortonlake said...

THANKYOU HERRAD.jane was special.she gave hope to so many,inspiration to all who knew her.i wrote my tribute because she gave me those things.and she called me a friend.and i am honoured to have known her,take care herrad,love mort xx

Herrad said...

HI Amelia,
You are right life is precious and to be enjoyed.
Hope your concert goes well and you and Martin enjoy doing it.

Hi Nancy,
Thanks, Jane was an wonderful woman.

Hi Mort,
Thank you Mort for posting about Jane's blog.
You are right she was a special person and the world has lost a beautiful woman.
Glad she had her extra time with her darling Martin and her kids.
Big hugs.

Thanks you three lovely people for coming by.
Have a pleasant day today.
Big hugs.

Anonymous said...

Hope today brings you nicer weather!

Stephany said...

Herrad, you and Mort are inspiring, and never give up. I was very moved by Mort's tribute, and as always am impressed with so much determination and pounding it into us all to live each day and enjoy all moments, as Jane inspired and cared for others, you and Mort do the same for all of us.

I'll take a look at Jane's video, thanks Herrad.

PS--lots of rain here too


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
Really sweet of you.
The sun has just come out now at 8 30 om plus blue sky.
Maybe tomorrow is good weather.
Hope for you too.
Have a good evening.
Fish and chips mushy peas and onion rings tonight

Stephany said...

Send some over air express! lol :)

Sounds yummy!

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Wish we could.

Hilary said...

I'm sorry for the loss of your blog friend. Sending best thoughts your way.