Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rainbows and Lightning.

Rainbows and Lightning.

The good news is that Ton Peeks was here yesterday and says that I can sit as of Saturday, which is great news.

Looking forward to sitting on the balcony and going around the block and maybe going down to see Willes, be nice to see her apartment.

Be my first time as she moved from upstairs to the ground floor last August and I have not been able to go there being in bed the whole time.

The wheelchair is not finished yet, the new plan, mine is to mail and set up appointment and on Saturday test out where I need the extra lower back support.

Hopefully they can do it next week then I lose it for 3 days and then it is covered and looks better and it is easier to get the hoist straps on me.

If I could have sat last week it would be done by now, hopefully swift action will see it being done by the end of next week.

Just sent an email to my consultant to please fix up an appointment for the wheelchair back and seat to be covered.

Sure she will do her best as I am sure, Michelle would like to tie up all the loose ends on this project asap.

It all started in 2008 but had to stop until 2009 and stopped again in January and in May.

Think we will all be happy when it is done and dusted and I am out and about as much as I can this summer.

Feeling good about this perspective think I will like it very much indeed.

Happiness for me is being mobile this summer.


Anonymous said...

That's super news Herrad. I'm so glad it wasn't more serious like the last time. I think a mobile summer sounds wonderful! :)

Herrad said...

Hi Rain,
Hope saturday is the start of good times.
Have leaned to seize the moment.
Have a good evening.

Stan said...

This is definitely good news Herrad.

Sure hope it comes with a super charger and racing stripes. Of course a loud horn and a sign that says "move-over or get off the sidewalk" might be a handy addition also.

It's nice to know things are moving forward, and summer days gallivanting about lay ahead.

Herrad said...

Hi Stan,
I am looking forward to saturday, hope the weather will be good too.
Thanks for coming by as its always a treat to see a comment from you.
Have a pleasant day.