Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, 19, December, 2010. An Artic Sunday.

View of Toledo, Spain.

El Greco.

The weather has been awful since the downpour of sleet on Thursday afternoon, when it did not turn to snow; we thought we had made a lucky escape.

Sadly we didn’t as we woke to thick snow on Friday morning, and we did not know that there was even more still to come nor how much.

There was an incredible heavy snowstorm on Friday and worse of all the snow became very icy by around 16.00 in the afternoon.

On Saturday there was even more snow and conditions became extremely cold, Richie was taking even longer putting on all his layers.

Saturday we both missed Spike and cried a lot, I may start again at any minute it comes and goes just like with any bereavement.

Richie told methat weak as Spike was he seemed to enjoy going off  with him on the bike, sticking his head out of the bike bags and sniffing the air as he went off on his last adventure.

Poor Marleen is very down without her pack mate, she has been looking for him inside and outside, especially whenever Richie came back on the bike.

We are going to research this well and find her a new friend verey soon before she becomes really depressed.

This morning we were both still wiped out by being up so late Friday to Saturday, we did not get to sleep until 05.00 in the morning.

Richie took Marleen for a long walk in the park then returned and got me showered and put back in bed.

After which he set about getting ready for our party, Eva came around at 15.00 to help and to bring her contribution delicious bread from the great Moroccan baker near us.

By mid afternoon it became clear that sadly our party would not be able to go ahead.

The majority of people would not be able to get here due to all the ice and snow so we cancelled it and hope to do it in mid January.

Something, to look forward to in  cold, dark January.


Stephany said...

Sending a lot of big hugs and good thoughts. Have been thinking of you both a lot.

Rhapsody B. said...

Blessings my friend. It seems snow is giving its share to everyone. We haven't had much here in Toronto but I don't kid myself and know it is only a matter of time. The other parts of the provinces people have been having a dreadful time of it. Just two miles from Toronto a snow storm hit and cars and trunks were plied up. People were stuck for over 5-hours before the rescue teams came. The local residence were wonderful in going out and assisting people by giving them coffee and blankets and some even invited others into their homes. Sadly one man froze to death. He had call his family early to say he was alright but ran into problems soon after and died just a few blocks from his distination.

Take care eh, and do extend my regards to Richie.

My condolences for your beloved pet.

Ana said...

Sending tropical vibrations Herrad!
Love you dear!
Cannot cope with stress lately.
Sorry if I'm not coming often.

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
Big hugs back to you.
Thinking about you too.

Hi Rhapsody,
Good to see your comment, thanks for coming by.

Hi Ana,
Tropical heat would be nice to get right now it is so cold here.
Take it very easy please.

Thanks to you three dear friends for coming by, good to see your comments.
Keep warm.