Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Relaxed Day.

Relaxed day today had a very nice visit from Anja, a good friend of 26 years now, brilliant to see her this afternoon, especially as I was just thinking it would be pleasant to see her.

Wonderful to get her mail yesterday asking if it was ok if she popped by this afternoon, which of course it was, in fact it was very alright.

Lovely to have a visitor, felt like the first one for ages, I enjoyed chatting for an hour, very nice to give Anja a present, also for Erik, her partner and Bosse, their son.

Have enjoyed that this Christmas, it is such good fun to give friends presents, felt good to do especially this year, particularly because I am enjoying the moment..

Richie and I had a pleasant time this Christmas, we always do have a good time together, but I still miss also sharing the holidays with friends and having friends coming by.

Thirty years here in Amsterdam, yet despite everything that I do like here I still miss the community that I had in Reading.

Writing that I am immediately aware that of course looking back in time tends to imbue the past with a rosy glow, everything looks better.

Probably just how I chose to remember it, memory is like that it seems to have airbrushed out all the things I would rather not remember.

Becoming very aware that if I want something different that I need to do more to make it happen, which I will try to do more of.

First of all I am going to talk to Richie and suggest we have a party in January, be nice to make up for the cancelled party on the 19 December and have it either on 23 or 30 January.

Especially nice if we can have it then as January is such a long dark month, a get together with friends sounds like a great idea.  




LauraX said...

"...memory is like that it seems to have airbrushed out all the things I would rather not remember." This is so true Herrad...perhaps this is one of the dearest blessings of memory. I'm so glad you had visitors to brighten your day:)

Have Myelin? said...

I love your idea of a party!

Herrad said...

Hi LauraX,
Thanks for your visit good to see your comment.

Hi Sherry,
Hope there is no snow and ice in January so the party can happen this time.

Thanks both of you dear friends for coming by.