Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Am Enjoying The Here And Now Immensely.

A Long  Way From Greece.

Charles Thompson.

Great news, we got a reply last night from someone in Amsterdam who wants to find a new home for Jacky, their lovely 10 month old male Jack Russell.

Wonderful to get such a quick response and to be picked from the 147 responses so quickly, that is very flattering.

Richie also found another two lovely Jack Russell’s at a dog pound in Leiden, both desperate for new caring homes.
In lots of ways I think we would rather take the dogs from the pound than the dog here in Amsterdam.

I think the dogs in the pound probably need to get a new home more urgently than the little Jacky.

Hope the dogs in Leiden get new homes very soon; they certainly deserve a good home with people, who will look after them well,

We have an appointment to meet Jacky this Sunday and if Marleen and Jacky click then we have a lovely new dog.

If they do not click, then we will be in touch with the dog pound and go to Leiden to see if one of the JR’s there is Marleen’s new chum.

Very dark outside by late afternoon, after what was a surprisingly bright today for a grey overcast day, had a good appointment with Frans from the company that supplied my hoist.

I will be getting a new set of straps in a softer material which is better for both of us, as it won’t be as painful for me or as difficult for Richie to get round me for a safe transfer.

So a good day for us both, Marleen also had a good day when Richie took her for a walk this afternoon.

Despite my disability I am feeling very optimistic about life which feels good, my body has been fucked up by my MS, but my mind and my spirit are fine.

I am enjoying the here and now immensely.


Karen said...

Great spirit you have Herrad.
I hope Marleen likes Jacky and vice versa.

janis said...

I wish I could afford a flight to see you & give a hug. You can't imagine the smile you give me when I read your blog.
{btw isnt fuck a satisfying word?} If you chose Jacky, perhaps you can have the folks let the other responses know about the 2 Jack Russells in Leidan.
Love to you~ good luck on your puppy search♥

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
Thanks for coming by, sadly Jacky is staying with his current owners.

Hi Janis,
Thanks for coming by, the owners of Jacky will keep him so Richie will go to Leiden next week.

Shame we won't be getting Jacky but maybe nicer for him to stay put.