Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, 12, December, 2010. Enjoy Yourself While You Can And I Will and I Do.


The weather started off with well blue skies and sunshine then became cloudy and grey and dark, and then back to blue sky and sunshine whenever the clouds moved away again.

So it was both grey and cloudy at times, as well as beautiful blue skies and sunshine, funny mixed up December weather.

The weather seemed to aptly mirror, how I was feeling, which was quite good most of the day and but not so at times in the late afternoon and early evening.

In the late afternoon, my arms were becoming very stiff and were difficult to stretch out to reach the keyboard; I had to keep asking Richie to massage my upper arms.

Then stretch them out, every time he did that, I could manage for a short time to touch the keyboard and type a few words.

Then the struggle would be on to hit the right keys, invariably I would drag my fingers over the wrong keys and have an incredible struggle to correct the colourful typing errors.

I am determined to type for as long as possible, now hours later my hands and arms are once again functioning well.

What a relief, wonder if worrying made me so tense this afternoon, so much so that my hands and arms got stiff and extremely difficult to use.

I think it may have contributed, but it was not the cause; I think that the real cause is the progression of my MS.

Mind you worrying about Spike did make me cry quite a lot this afternoon; he is getting much weaker so walking is quite a struggle for him, as he loses control over his back legs.

I noticed this yesterday too that his right leg almost collapses to the ground as he walks yet it does not stop him, he still stumbles around the apartment.

He came in to the bedroom a few times, when I was still in bed and had a wonderful time chewing his large chew, even defending it from Marleen in a very butch way.

Richie and I talked about Spike and how we will handle things, today it was very clear Spike won’t be here for long but while he is here he will enjoy himself as much as possible.

Think that sums it up nicely, enjoy yourself while you can and I will and I do.



Jeanie said...

I'm sorry to hear of your difficulty with typing. You are so stoic and determined. I so admire you!
Isn't it a kindness that our pets are unaware of their demise and yet so cruel that we are?
That was a lovely image you gave me of him protecting his chewy. Bless him!
Feeling your anguish but hoping that Spike does not have to suffer too long.
God bless you and him.
Here's to better weather for you when you are looking out the window.
Jeanie xxx

janis said...

I have feared that you will eventually no longer be able to type... I love reading your blog & have enjoyed our friendship. I do wish I found you earlier.
I wonder if you will be able to purchase some sort of adapter to able to type with an alternative method such as speaking?
Or there is always dear Richie♥ perhaps he can be your hands and type what you think feel and have to say.
Thinking of Spike too.
What a joy he has been and how he has Blessed your lives with smiles, laughs & love.
Love to you my dear friend~

Anonymous said...

I know you will help Spike enjoy every last minute he can, and that when you part, it will be for the best. ~Mary

Blinders Off said...

Hi Herrad,

I like the brightness of your sight, I been away too long...continue to enjoy yourself while you can because I will and I do :-)

Take care!

Herrad said...

Hi Jeanie,
Thanks for your sweet words.
The problem with typing gets me quite upset these days.
You are right it is good Spike does not know he will die soon and dreadful we do.

Hi Janis,
I have voice recognition software but want to type while I can.
Agree shame we did not meet sooner but we have now which is good and all that matters.
Spike has been our little sunshine.

Hi Mary,
Totally agree we are helping him enjoy every last moment he can and we will take the decision when we have to.

Hi Debra,
Thanks for your lovely comment good to see your name.

Thanks all you lovely friends for coming by appreciate seeing your comments very much.