Friday, December 10, 2010

A Cold Grey Day Today. .

Paul Cezanne.

Last night I was quite often disturbed by Spike stumbling around, poor little fellow, I really felt for him.

A good friend came by last night at 20.00 and stayed until 22.45 chatting and catching up with us.

It was lovely, as  we had not seen Louis since he moved up north in 2008, with his parter to live on a farm.

That they have turned into a business, called Lauenshout, making furniture and restoring furniture and wooden buildings.

It was good to see him, Spike seemed to think so too, as he brought his kong over right away, he can’t run for it but he can hobble rapidly and he can catch well.

He is quite some dog, still following Richie around everywhere which is very sweet until Richie takes a step back and treads on Spike or very nearly falls over him.

Our two terriers are great at always being in the wrong place at all times, one of their favourite place is between my wheelchair wheels.

Richie and I think Spike is fading fast and will not be here with us for very much longer, he has had a good week since he has been getting the extra food.

But it is very clear that Spike will not be alive for too much longer, Richie wants to take him to a couple of his favourite parks today and over the weekend.

Love Spike to be around for much longer, he is such a wonderful character, he really is.

I thought it was lovely how he recognised Louis after two years and wanted to play right away.

Very cold day today, a cold grey misty day a complete contrast to yesterdays blue skies and sunshine.


Jeanie said...

Bless old Spike! He is a little precious angel! It's so nice to hear that he will go for a tootle to his favourite walk/play areas. That will be a comfort for Ritchie to remember him by. Yours will be all those times he has welcomed friends and family and been a pesky pest to play games with him.
Thinking of you both as you let him go a bit at a time over the next few weeks.
Jeanie xx

Angie said...

Tugs at your heartstrings doesn't it, when you can hear them but can't help them. Our Sally used to sleep under my wheelchair between the wheels but there's not room under the electric one so she curls up right behind the wheels where I can't see her

janis said...

Today is rather bright for a change. We had a dusting of snow but the sun is shining & all is melting fast. I am trying to get some paperwork done & easily side-tracked. Today I ran across on of my favorite photos of Bruno, our beloved Great Dane mix, that cancer took when he was much too young (6yrs old). Bruno was a gentle giant, sweet to all, but knew how to give a scare when needed. You have inspired me to post the photo & blog a bit about him this afternoon. You see, the thing is, even if knowing we would be cheated a long life with him, I wouldn't have passed on having him even briefly. What he gave to my family was priceless. I am forever grateful this big mutt was a part of our lives.
ps~ I would like to mention Spike & post his picture too, with your permission, in my post this afternoon. Would that be okay?
Love to you~ janis

Gareth said...

Hi Folks, thinking of you all. nice to read about spikes trips out and Happy he can still have his Kong momments. Hope you Folks have some pleasent momments this weekend
Snow all gone now its actually warm outside


Herrad said...

Hi Jeanie,
Spike is our little darling, he is also our little pesky dog even now.
Going to be hard to say goodbye.

Hi Angie,
Our two are always in the worse place, like just under the hoist as Richie gets me out of bed.

Hi Janis,
Glad you shared your story of Bruno, he looks like a beautiful dog a lovely big friend.

Hi Gareth,
He was still having lots of good moments.
No more snow here too.

Thanks you dear friends for coming by, my glasses are constantly wet crying every time I respond to a comment about Spike.
Keep warm.