Friday, December 31, 2010

Grey & Overcast New Years Eve 2010.

Elbe Bridge.

Rolf Nesch.

Today is a grey, overcast day, had to put the light on as soon  as Richie opened the curtains and did my leg exercises.

Hoped for a bright day today so that the fireworks can be seen better, mind you we can’t see them as that freaks Marleen out.

Got a mail from Jacky’s owner that she can’t go through with re-homing him, she says she would miss him too much.

She has two small children who I am sure would hate it if he were to leave them, so Richie will go to Leiden next week to visit Binkie with Marleen.

He looks a lovely dog, I hope Marleen and Binkie hit it off and Richie will bring him home next week.

Be nice to give Binky a new chance and at the same time give Marleen a new chum and us a lovely new dog.

Hope that this time we will get lucky and this little dog will be living here with us, we will change his name so he can have a total new start.    

Feel disappointed about Jacky,I had wondered yesterday whether Jacky’s owner could go through with giving him away.

Thought she might not be able to give Jaaccky away, not when I saw the picture of Jacky and two children.

It is a New Year soon, a new year and new chances, looking forward to enjoying all I can in the coming New Year.


Bibliotekaren said...

I've been hoping that a dog at a shelter could get freed up and join your family.

Have my fingers crossed for good ju-ju between Marleen and Binkie (you guys too!).

Take care,

Karen said...

But Binky is such a sweet name :)

Anonymous said...

There's indeed a bridge across the river Elbe back home in Hamburg, that looks alike.

Thank you for the memories. Much needed. Please have you all a good start into the new year.

Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
It was difficult to find Jack Russell's most shelters only have big dogs.

Hi Karen,
It is a good idea to give a new name when re-homing dogs./

Hi Robert,
The bridge is good glad you liked it.

Thanks you 3 dear friends for coming by good to see your comments.