Saturday, December 11, 2010

Re-Homing Is Very Rewarding.

Richie, Daisy and Spike in 2003.

Richie just came back from going round the block with the dogs, Spike started off hating his wheelchair, as he always does every time he uses it.

Think he soon noticed how useful it was, as he can move around better and can get to explore all the dog scents he wants to sniff.

He also got considerable attention from people on the street, which Richie said he milked for all its worth.

Richie says it was a sweet sight, seeing Spike wagging his tail as people oh’ed and ah’ed over him in the wheelchair.

They returned and Spike was still in the wheelchair and not protesting about it, glad even Spike can understand that the wheelchair is useful.

Thinking about Spike brought tears to my eye, more tears followed when I read Janis’s post about her dog Bruno, and she also mentions Spike.

Janis’s story about Bruno is moving, what a lovely dog he was, and what a treat to have a dog like that in your life.

Having Spike in our lives since 2002 has been wonderful, he was a handful when we first   brought him home but very rewarding for us all.

It was hard work convincing Spike that he was not the boss; that he was a pack member, as soon as he understood this, he was a happy dog.

Re-homing dogs is a good thing to do, better than buying and encouraging puppy farms.

Re-homing Spike and Marleen has been very good and incredibly rewarding for Richie and I as well as Spike and Marleen who have both blossomed with us.



Karen said...

Lovely pictures Herrad, thank you for sharing them.

Adopting a pet is very rewarding.

Have a great weekend.


Darlene said...

I love your two dogs, I am glad Spike is getting around. Would love to see one of him in his wheelchair, along side of you in yours. It would show what we can accomplish in this life. Hope you all are feeling well. Hugs to you all.

dluvscoke said...

Very cute dogs :)
I love dogs, but when my dog dies (she's old), I am not getting another one. I get WAY too attached.

janis said...

sweet posting Herrad & thank you for mentioning me, Bruno & my blog.
dluvscoke~ I too get attached but as I have said, the unconditional love they give so so worth even a short life. In my my dream life I would have a animal rescue set up on a nice farm. I would love to foster & would do so, if I could get Hubby on board...
Herrad these are great photos, thank you for sharing them.
Have a blessed weekend..

Webster said...

I have only ever had rescued pets, both dogs and cats, and have been happy with all of them. I just had one that I nearly brought back because she had the hardest time with potty training - but she finally "got it" and we had her for another 13 years!

Rescued pets are the BEST! And there are plenty of purebreds available at the pounds. We've had several, but I prefer the mutts.

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
Glad you liked the photos of our beauties.

Hi Darlene,
The dog with Spike is Daisy who died in 2006, we still miss her, she was with us for 12 years.

Hi dluvscoke,
It is difficult when your dog dies but could never say no to giving another dog the chance of love and a good life like we gave Spike.

Hi Janis,
Pleasure mentioning Bruno and your blog
Think your dream to run an animal rescue is excellent hope you can make it come true.

Hi Webster,
You are right rescue animals are the best, we also prefer 'mutts' too.

Thanks you 5 dear friends for coming by.
Spike was still getting around but much slower over weekend and now walking has stopped more or less altogether.
Despite that he is still very interested in us and his surroundings.
Keep warm.