Saturday, December 25, 2010

Well Here It Is Merry Christmas.

The Talisman

Paul Serusier.

Last night we had our presents, just like they do in Germany, and how we used to do it in Trinidad too.

Remember Christmas Eve as a kid so well, as soon as it was dark the tree lights were turned on in the front room.

Then Christmas music would be played and the door would be opened and the Christmas tree in all its glory would be revealed with presents piled up at its base.

Our lovely red Christmas tree looks gorgeous again this year, I think it looks even better than last year.

Richie got me four gorgeous perfumes, Yves St Laurent, Lolita Lempicka, Jean Paul Gaultier and Angel.

All beautiful perfumes which I will enjoy having Richie spray some on me every day, what lovely presents from my darling Richie.

I got him a pair of Dr. Martin’s boots, two scarves and Chas & Dave box collection and there are two presents on their way, that are stuck in the post somewhere.

The Christmas post has become quite messed up with the snow and ice and TNT being on strike over here.

Hope both the parcels will turn up and provide my darling with two more surprises which will be lovely.

Well here it is Christmas Day, the snow is still here but it is gradually turning into a sheet of ice and making getting around difficult.

Richie took a delighted Marleen for a late night run around in the park last night which she enjoyed a lot.

Lovely to see her regaining her joy of being a dog, we have been building her up all week and it has worked.

Have been getting Richie put Marleen on my bed not long after we wake up so we can have a cuddle and bonding session, which she enjoys.

Marleen feels very loved and very much part of it all, important to let her know that her life is not going to change because Spike is not here.

Right now the cloud cover has gone and there is blue sky and a glimmer of sunshine which is gorgeous to see.

I am going to post this and enjoy this sunny Christmas day with my darling Richie and Marleen.


LauraX said...

Merry Christmas Herrad...happy to read that you are enjoying your holiday despite, recent sadness. Life is this way, no? Both/ and suffering bundled together, and finding a balance somewhere in the middle, day by day.

Amrita said...

Merry Christma s to Richie an d you

Peace Be With You said...

Merry Christmas, Herrad. May the new year also be filled with gifts.

mortonlake said...

seasons greetings wishes to you and richie. tc love mort xxx

janis said...

Had to check in on you a wish you a Merry Christmas my Dear Little Herrad~ Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. Is the Angel perfume from Victoria Secret? I have one of those. I think mine is Heavenly.
We celebrated Christmas on Christmas eve as well growing up. My girls grew up with it on Christmas day. Ours was very nice♥ The girls & Hubby got me a lovely collage frame of photos. Also a wine opener thingy, pjs & my fav shower gel, & Mani-pedi gift card. So I made out very well.
I have a houseful coming in the morning for brunch... little nervous as the dysfunctional family will clash... breathe janis breathe! lol... Love to you♥

Herrad said...

Hi LauraX,
Thanks, Hope your Christmas was pleasant too.
You are right that's life.

Hi Amrita,
Merry Christmas to you too.
Hope your days have been pleasant.

Hi Judy,
Thanks hope your Christmas has been good.

Hi Mort,
Thanks seasons greeting back to you.

Hi Janis,
Sounds like you have had great presents.
Angel perfume is by Angel, its in a star shaped bottle.
Hope your brunch is/was great fun.

Thanks to you 5 dear friends for coming, hope your Christmases have been good.