Wednesday, December 15, 2010

That's Life.

Social Realism.

Today it has become obvious that we need to be brave about Spike, he can’t do much anymore, he can only move with huge difficulty.

He still tries his best to move around the apartment and somehow through getting up and tottering for a few steps then collapsing and doing this again and again he gets around.

We have both been crying loads today, hating the thought of saying goodbye very much to our little dog, but it is obvious that it is now a case of when not if.

Richie put Spike on my bed this afternoon, first time in ages, because he has not been able to spend much time on our beds recently preferring the cooler floor.

So this afternoon was special, he licked my hands very delicately and most thoroughly which was so incredibly touching.

Difficult to keep dry eyed when writing about Spike, he is near me in the front room lying stretched out on the floor.

Such a lovely dog, I just ate a cashew nu and instantly his head was off the floor and he was looking at me and wanting a cashew nut too.

What a dog, fading away, losing strength yet still aware, part of it all and demanding his share of whatever is going.

That’s our lovely dog Spike.


Darlene said...

My dear friend, you cry those tears, it helps, but while you cry tears of sass cry tears of joy too. Remember all Spike has given to you unconditionaly. Just know you have both benn there for each other, and has his time winds down you will be there for him still. I send my prayers to you, Richie and Spike and his dog buddy too.

Herrad said...

Hi Darlene,
Thanks for coming by, reading your comment had me crying buckets of tears.
You are so right about Spike he has given us over 8 years of unconditional friendship, love and heaps of fun and games.
Plus he was always by my bed when I had to stay in bed from 2008,entertaining me with games all day, every day.
It has been brilliant and still now it is good as Spike winds down.

Anonymous said...

One wishes it to be possible to take away all the strength I own, to make him good again.

Gareth said...

Hi Folks, how very Sad for you all but lovley to read he still want in on the action. Thinking of you All Paul @ I send BIG STRENGTH @ LOVE GXXX

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad, It's sad but you are there for Spike now, and have loved him the way a dog deserves, given him a grand life and fun.

HUGS to you all, I know how hard this is

Webster said...

Sounds like You and Richie have given Spike his second chance at a good life which he thoroughly enjoyed. Now it is his time, much to soon, but isn't always? Too soon, I mean? It's nice he got some snuggle time up on the bed with you today.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
If only there were something we could do to restore him but sadly not possible.

Hi Gareth,
Spike is amazing he really is, last night he was on great form and today he charged to the door when the bell rang.

Hi Stephany,
We are still enjoying Spike and he is enjoying it too.
It is sad to say goodbye.

Hi Webster,
We certainly have and are still helping him to enjoy every moment he can which he does.
He seems revitalized today.

Thanks everyone for coming by, really appreciate your comments.
Keep warm.

Amrita said...

Oh Herrad I don 't have words to say.
Just hugs for all of you. I know how it feels.

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for coming by.
Big hugs bacak to you.

LauraX said...

So sorry for your sadness hard to say goodbye to our friends, no matter how many legs they do or do not isn't legged or tailed, furry or soft is just love.

Angie said...

I'm so sorry the time has come for goodbyes, Herrad. Be brave sweetheart.

Richie said...

It was a great thing to get him out the rescue. He was so thin and so crazy, did not know a thing about living with people. He turned out to be a very good friend and had been a huge joy for us. I will never be ready to let him go but I know it must be soon before life becomes to much of a burden for him- right now I think he is still having some fun but it is getting less every day. We will miss him so much but has been absolutely worth it. Even feeling this bad right now is worth it.Best dog!

Herrad said...

Hi LauraX,
Thanks for your visit and sweet comment.

Hi Angie,
It is nearly time now to say goodbye, very sad and heartbreaking especially as he is so involved still with everything around him.

Hi Richie,
It was brilliant getting the little sad dog and allowing him to blossom into the fine dog who has been such a lovely little friend.
We will miss him and his involvement and constant interaction.
I shall miss his sweet eyes watching me and wanting to play with me.
Always there to cheer me up.
Definitely best dog.
Boo Hoo!

Thanks you three sweet friends for coming by, good to see your comments..
The snow is falling thick and fast now.
Can't see too good now as responding made me cry lots, very wet face, neck and ears.
Keep warm.