Monday, December 27, 2010

Day After Christmas.

The Meschers. 1951.

 Ellsworth Kelly.

Well here it is the first Monday after Christmas, wish I could turn the clock back and enjoy those special days again.

It is the day after Boxing Day; and it is quite a bright day with a lot of bird traffic on the bird feeder by the bedroom window.

Richie has taken Marleen to the park for an early afternoon walk and games, also maybe with other dogs.

She is getting quite cheerful again, lovely to see her grabbing her toys and demanding a game from Richie.

I have enjoyed this Christmas very much; especially giving presents to friends has given me such a lot of pleasure this year.

Discovering the delights of Internet shopping has been wonderful for me, I especially like eBay, I think it is very good.

Found an excellent seller, she designs and makes everything by hand; it is well finished and looks wonderful; she will also make up your own designs

She wrapped all the presents I bought for friends in Christmas paper with gift tags which was brilliant, she also wrapped Richie’s presents too.

She is a really lovely woman; I am so happy I found her; she is also on Face Book, I would like to recomend her to everyone.

So if anyone wants well designed, well made and superbly finished clothes Rem.Designs is the designer for you.


Richie said...

the link does not work

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,

Which link does not work?

Gareth said...

Hi folks Yes a wonderfull designers thanks for the scarfs trying to send pics HUGS to ALL GXXX

Herrad said...

BHi Garethr,
Glad you like the scarves, you both look great in the t-shirt and scarves.