Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Monday, 13, December 2010. Today Has Been A Strangely Pleasant.Day.

A Dog Named Picasso.
 Today has been a strangely pleasant day despite the weather being very dull today, had the light on as soon as Richie opened the curtains this morning.

Spike is so obviously weaker but amazingly he is still interested in everything around him, Marleen and he were very sweet together.

This morning they lay quite close to each other, mirroring how each other were lying, a lovely picture seeing them so peaceful and happy together.

In the afternoon Richie took Marleen and Spike to the park, Spike only walked a short distance before making it very clear he could do no more.

Instead he stood in his wheelchair having a wonderful time barking and watching Marleen running to catch sticks Richie threw for her.

It has always been a favourite game of Spike’s watching Marleen playing tug or chasing the ball while he refereed the action.

Even though he could not do much, Richie says it was very obvious he was enjoying himself enormously.

The dogs returned happy from the park and devoured their dinners and both slept for a couple of hours.

This evening has been pleasant, sitting relaxing together in the front room with our two lovely dogs.

Really enjoying this time together with our lovely Spike, very aware this special time will be over too soon.


Karen said...

It is good to hear you are all enjoying each other's company.


Stephany said...

Hi Herrad and Richie,

I'm glad you're enjoying Spike and Marleen and time together this way. Hope for more pleasant moments for all of you.


Jeanie said...

I'm loving that view from Spike's chair in the park!
Hope you have a good day today.

Jeanie xx

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Spike is so involved with everything still. I'm hoping for more pleasant days for all of you.

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
We are enjoying being together very much.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your sweet comment, glad we have this time together.

Hi Jeanie,
Spike had a great time barking as Marleen played.

Hi Mary,
Spike is amazing, despite being so ill, he is still our dog wanting to be part of it all.
The sweet boy.

Thanks all you dear friend ds for coming by appreciate and need your support right now.