Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cold Winter Day.

English Beach at Heist.
Georges Lemmen (1865–1916)

Sitting here typing with my left hand mostly, though I do try to keep using my right hand too, even if only intermittently.

Just gone 16.00 now and it is getting dark, not long now and it is night again, really feel it is winter now.

Marleen is a little bit happier and more relaxed today, which is lovely to see, she also does not look as depressed and as middle aged as she did on Tuesday & Wednesday.

When she sat with her jaw hanging, looking suddenly much older and quite resigned to life.

She seemed to get tremendously cheered up by her walk yesterday, plus Richie put her on my bed in the morning those plus lots of games and attention.

Really good to see Marleen looking and being herself, she woke up very cheery this morning and wanted her early morning games.

First time since last Saturday when Spike was just died that Marleen has been abit livelier, she really wanted a game with Richie this morning which was sweet to see.

At the moment there are no Jack Russell’s online that need re-housing, we will keep looking and hoping for a new dog, so we can lavish attention and love on it too.

Marleen is definitely missing Spike presence and the interaction with him, their 5 years together made them very close, a lovely little pack.

Who knows we may be able to find Marleen a new chum after Christmas, I hope we do.


Gareth said...

Watcha Folks, glad to hear that Marleen has cheered up, lovley that she was on your bed getting pampered.
Its so nice to know that the days are now drawing out, its a stary night here with a wayning Moon very pretty with all the snow. Sending BIG WARM WITERY LOVE@ HUGS GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for coming by good to see your comment.
Big snow storm here tonight.
Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Even though there are nearly 20C throughout midday for the next days, I'd like to wish you all a blessed Christmas.

Webster said...

When it gets dark at just past 4 PM it's hard to remind ourselves that the worst is over, and yet still beginning. I mean that it will be getting lighter and lighter now, but since it's Winter, it's also going to stay cold. We're not expecting snow this week, but I am sure we'll get some this Winter sometime. Beautiful and yucky at the same time. And to think I used to love it! That was when I could move around in it and build snowmen and make snow angels. Oh well . . . those days are gone.

Perhaps a new dog will show up after Christmas when someone's gift doggy doesn't work out. One will turn up. Are you limiting your search to Jack Russell terriers?

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
20 c for Christmas sounds very good.

Hi Webster,
We had another mini snow storm last night, luckily not much snow stayed.
We are hoping for more luck with dogs after Christmas.

Thanks you 2 dear friends for coming by.
Have a pleasant Christmas.