Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Christmas Surprise.


 Eugene Boudin.

Had a huge disappointment this week, I bought something for Richie on EBay and had it sent to a friend’s address.

It was the only way to make sure it was a surprise for Richie at Christmas, as he opens all the post, since I can’t do that anymore.

The plan was for Marianne to wrap it and bring it around wrapped and then put it under our Christmas tree ready to surprise my darling Richie.

So it got sent to Marianne’s house, problem was I had it sent to Richie’s name and turns out that when it arrived it was turned away.

Marianne’s neighbours told the post person that there was no-one by the name of Maguire who living there.

The post person took it away again and when Marianne called TNT, they told her it had been sent back already.

What a massive disappointment for me, especially after tracking down a band that Richie has talked about since I met him in 1989.

Still hopeful that it will be back in the UK by now and the company can resend, this time to our address.

 Who knows the package could still arrive in time for Christmas; really hope so very much, really want to surprise Richie this Christmas.


Karen said...

Oh, that's too bad Herrad. I hope it gets resent!

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I hope it comes soon. Good luck! Love, Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
It will be resent but not before Christmas.

Hi Mary,
It will be here probably after Xmas.

Thanks to you two dear friends for coming by.

Webster said...

Oh dear, what a bummer! I guess we now know why c/o Marianne would have been good on the address line two. Oh well. It will all get sorted out.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
Lovely to see your comment this morning.
You are right about the c/o, as you say it will get sorted out eventually.

ADB said...

Don't mention TNT. Have some very bad experiences with them. Hope the item arrives in good order next try.

Herrad said...


Thranksa for coming by.
TNT are dreadful, I hope it gets here sometime soon.