Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyril Getting Happy.

My Room Has Two Doors.
Kay Sage.

Slept well last night, especially after organising the dog’s health insurance and e-mailing the dog tax people that we have another dog.

Cyril is coming along really well, he is starting to relax and trust us all more, next week Saturday it is two months since he got here.

After Richie rescued him twice once when he fell through the ice chasing ducks and the second swimming after ducks, Cyril sticks close to him these days.

Poor little dog has been constantly amazed that Richie has not killed him when he has made a mistake.

I am very happy we can reassure him that we do not treat dogs badly here; we prefer to build them up and enable them to enjoy being dogs.

With no worries in the world except having a happy life full of walks, games with Marleen and lots of affection from us.

Since Richie has been giving him extra food and regular exercise Cyril has put on weight and muscle too, which is good to see.

Nice to see him looking better than when he got here, when you could see every rib and backbone.

Now he is beginning to look like a very fit, healthy and happy dog, he is a sweet, relaxed dog and once his traumas fade away he will be very happy.


janis said...

who are the "dog tax people"? Do you have to pay taxes on pets? Or are dogs like children and you can count them as exemptions? Gosh I learn so much having friends in other countries.
I hope taht Cyril will eventually learn to not have such a fear. Dakota, my Puppy Mill rescue Pommie has such fear issues. He is pretty relaxed and trusting (finally) with Sergio & I, but still is fearful around everyone else (including our daughters).
Love to you & hope your week will be Blissful.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
We have to pay dog tax every year, the dogs have little tags.
Cyril is only scared with Richie, seems he must have been badly treated by a man.
They are getting closer everyday which is lovely to see.
Have a nice day.