Friday, February 18, 2011

Patience Plenty Of Patience.

Leonardo man (after Virtuvius) with the artist tree, 1998.

Anthony Earnshaw.

Trying to use the on-screen keyboard without losing my temper and typing the words myself, typing this has taken more than thirty minutes.

That is too much patience for me right now, so I am typing this without the on screen keyboard which is still quicker, as the same sentence just took me five minutes.

Quite a difference and not as tiring too, I think that selecting the letters is extremely time consuming,  as I try to get the mouse to point to the letter that I want to use.

For now the alternative keyboard is not such a good option, now with such lack of control of the mouse keypad or hand operated mouse.

I will keep alternating between typing myself and using the keyboard, the more I use it and often use the same words, then those words should be included but they are not.

Keyboard and pre-emptive are still not recognized, despite using both words regularly, very frustrating for me.

Good job my hair is very short and my hands won’t co-operate otherwise I might be pulling out my hair right now.

Nevertheless I shall do my best to see if this software can be helpful to me, I have to try out this software plus maybe software called See Tech which is eye controlled software.

If none of these work for me then I will be able to try out the Brainfingers software,  right now it  seams that I am not handicapped enough to qualify to use it.


Karen said...

Oh dear Herrad, we don't want you pulling your hair out. Isn't it easier to use Dragon Speaking?

Webster said...

Sorry to butt in her Herrad, but Karen - I think you need to use a mouse to do editing, and maybe other stuff with Dragon. I'm pretty sure Herrad already has Dragon Naturally speaking. You can chime in any time, Herrad. After all, the question was directed to you. (ahem) :)

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
Do nmot worry nol hear got torn out.
Dragon is good but still needsa some mouse work.

Hi Webster,
You are right Dragon still needs a mouse to edit and for ther things.
I am using everything right now to keep posting.
Thanks both of you lovely friendsa for coming by.
Have a pleasant Sunday.

Rhapsody B. said...


Breaking in any software is a pain in the tush, it is as you say time consuming and frustrating. Hopefull things will get better as you become more familiar with it. If not it would be a good idea to write the creator and let them know the kinks in their software. Not handicapped enough? You don't say! Get outta here, please, what's wrong with these triffling people?

well keep on keeping on and have a fabulous day.

My regards to Richie

Herrad said...

Hi Rhapsody,
I hope too that it gets better too, just very frustrating right now.
I am logging all my problems with it.
You described the burocrats that I have to deal with so well.
They are trifling people.