Monday, February 28, 2011

The End Of February.

Rodolfo Morales.

Today is the end of February; since the snow storm last Wednesday, it has been raining every day.

Years ago, I worked for two years as a gas meter reader, a job I enjoyed very much despite days of trudging around all day in the rain.

I met some very nice people, very friendly people who offered me many cups of tea.

One person I went to, made wine, from fruit as well as tea, and nettles, I would always be offered a glass of his wine.

I also met people for whom; I would be their only visitor apart from the post and the milk.

One person, a Jehovah’s Witness tried to lock me up in her house so she could convert me, after an hour I convinced her I needed to carry on with my work.

The next time I took her keys and gave them back once I had read her meter and had a cup of tea with her, she was alright just very lonely.     

Good to be able to provide some social contact for the many lonely people I met.

Sadly, as my manager needed me to read 200 meters a day I could not socialise for too long.


janis said...

That would be very interesting!

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
It was, thanks for coming by.
I hope your weather is getting better.
Have a pleasant day.

Bibliotekaren said...

Herrad - First, sorry I haven't popped in for quite a while. I've been limiting my computer time for health reasons. Have yet to figure out how to do the daily blogs as I get lost as to when I last visited.

In any case, what a delight to pop in and read this touching post. There are so many lonely people out there. I'm sure you had a wonderful impact.

As I used to work for a utility company, I've known several meter readers. They usually had war stories about encounters with dogs.

Take good care and glad to hear that Cyril is thriving and fitting in well.


Herrad said...

Hi Donna,
Thanos for coming by, hope you are doing ok.
Easy losing track of time.
I met lots of lonely people and also a few dog stories as well as a man threatenng me with a shot gun to get off his land.
Cyr0i0lp is doing well, better every day.
Take good care of you.