Wednesday, February 02, 2011

TwoTiring Appointments.

A World Without Truth.
Martin Soesbergen.
1960 Amsterdam.

Today has been a very tiring day indeed with two appointments, one for an on screen keyboard which maybe helpful for me.  

Appointment number two was with Annalies from ARCA, my advisor from the Amsterdam council and Harm, from Welzorg, to see if they can solve the problem with the wheelchair table.

The keyboard ‘guesses’ the words so I only have to type the first and maybe the second letter before it suggests several words I might want to use.

Then you type the number which is next to your chosen word and the word is inserted into the text.

Right now I have not got the patience for it, but I will do my best to give it a good go, right now I am typing bits myself and doing bits with the pre-emptive keyboard.

It is going better than I thought it would be right away so I am quite pleased, mind you, it is very much slower than typing the words myself.

Seems to be slower than thinking and typing at the same time now it feels like I am having to think twice, once for what I want to write and then twice trying to type using the on screen keyboard.

Or maybe it is thinking via the pre-emptive keyboard, it is supposed to have three languages yet it did not have the words like keyboard or pre-emptive.

Hopefully as I get used to the keyboard I will be able to find out more about the possibilities of the pre-emptive keyboard.


J said...

Hi, have you looked into voice recognition software?
It's been an amazing discovery for me. I now use a cordless headset, and use the software in multiple languages (need to switch profile to switch between languages).

Herrad said...

Hi J,
Thanks for the suggestion.
I use dragon, type myself when I can and am using the preemptive keyboard.