Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Staying Close.

The Fish's Tale.
Eileen Agar.

Richie had a great time as well as a very scary time in the park with the dogs yesterday it was good until Richie wanted to come home.  

Instead do responding to Richie, Cyril ran off and decided to do some duck chasing instead and jumped in the cold pond.

The ducks led him a merry dance and after many laps of the pond Cyril became totally exhausted.

Richie says he saw him sagging deeper in the water as he got tired but despite calling him, he was still trying to get hold of a duck.

Then Cyril tried to swim back to the bank and got to about  1, 50 meters from the side when he got tangled in a floating branch.

At this point Richie waded out and rescued him, when he put Cyril on the ground, his back legs folded under him.

He had no strength left and laid, wet, cold and crying on the grass, two dog walkers came over with a big scarf to dry Cyril.

Richie put him in one of his bike bags wrapped in his jumper, Cyril cried all the way home, where he looked totally rattled.

Poor Cyril is staying close to Richie ever since.


LauraX said...

poor sweet pup...so glad Richie was able to get to him and bring him home to you and to warmth. What a frightening adventure.

Tracey's Life said...

So glad it turned out ok and that Cyril and Richie are fine.

Hugs to you Herrad

JC said...

I hope he's ok. Ritchie might have to keep him a leash from now on.

Webster said...

Wow, disaster averted! I'm sure Richie was very happy to arrive back to a warm home. Clearly Cyril knows who saved him - Hope he remembers and obeys next time. He needs a little more work, your little one.

Herrad said...

Hi LauraX,
It was very scary, it took a couple of days for Cyril to feel confident again.

Hi Tracey's Life,
Me too, what a relief they both were only wet, so glad Richie could get to him to rescue Cyril.

Hi JC,
Cyril is ok, he has not chased the ducks since, maybe it worried him to much.

Hi Webster,
Richie was so happy he could rescue him, both were happy to be home, and get dry and warm again.
Cyril has stuck close to Richie ever since.

Very scary hearing about Cyril in mad pursuit after the ducks for 30 to 40 cold exhausting minutes before panicking and desperately trying to reach the bank and Richie.
Since then he has not organised his own extra activities and comes when called.
Cyril needs time and patient working with, we think it will be December/January before he comes totally out of his depression and enjoys his life.
Thanks for your visits and comments.